Resistance region

The Soviet machines are in two regions and the FNIX machines are in two regions why not make one of the regions be controlled by the resistance like resistance npcs patrol the region and have combat positions set up and manned along the regions boarder to keep the machines pushed back from entering the region. I know systemic isn’t a big studio and I’m not saying it’s something they should get on like immediately but possibly they could eventually do this because I always see the collectibles for the resistance notes on a bottle and resistance newspaper and it annoys me how we never see anything being done by the resistance. It’s like the resistance is there saying it’s doing stuff but aren’t really doing anything but sitting somewhere safe


Fnix machines are in all 8 regions, while soviets came to Östertörn at the beginning of this year and are (until now) in 3 regions.

There are some fortifications of the resistance all over the islands, many of them destroyed or abandoned. But not all.

I can understand your wish of more signs of the resistance, but a whole region under control of the resistance makes no sense. It would be a region with nothing to do. I could think of a greater base of the resistance which gets randomly attacked and sometimes needs support by the player, but no a whole region.
Oh and don’t forget about the possibility to build up to 14 resistance bases (4 in forest, 6 in farmlands, 4 in southcoast) until now, probably even more after todays new update.

Another great problem would be the need of many animated characters. It seems that this is not a strength of the engine.

And last but not least we’re still just the resistance. We survive and fight back from the underground. We shouldn’t be seen too much, because the machines are a too great threat.

But I would agree for some random side missions to safe deliveries, ressources or a defensive line with lots of wounded fighters.
I once made a suggestion for these missions to get weapons or ammo / equipment (mostly dlc-stuff) as reward, instead of providing all the dlc items right from the beginning through the plundra.

off topic
Btw. I just started a new game with a new character and all dlc, but emptied plundra and until now (vesslan command bunker) I didn’t get a single dlc gun. Sometimes there was soviet ammo, arrows and I often found flamethrower napalm, but no weapons.
I think there should be more random drops of at least low class dlc weapons at the beginning.
But as I often said, the way they provide dlc stuff is a bad way in my eyes.