Resistance Weapon Pack - Flamethrower dmg bug

Hello, I play on PS4.

The 5C Flamethrower has a huge dmg deficit. Look the pictures. I Think it’s not right.

Is it just there or do you experience that in direct comparison in a battle, too?

Someone else posted this in another topic, but I thought it just was an optical mistake like you sometimes can see for example a shotgun with an extended magazine if you move too fast through the inventory.

I don’t tested the dmg output in battle but i will do it tomorrow and share my experience. Just saw the huge difference in the stats (even after a game restart and slow scrolling in inventory) and wanted to report it.


Hey and thanks for sharing! We’re aware of this issue and it will be fixed with the next update!

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Hello, it will be fixed but i share my experience anyways. Here is my experince with the Flamers (3C and 5C): I started a test run on Himfjäll because of the apocalypse class machines. I’s pretty hard to tell which one makes the most dmg. Sometime i almost instant kill a robot (Hunter and runner both are FNIX or APOC class, doesn’t matter) with both flamers and other times it take a whole magazine(5C mag 150 fuel) for hunters (FNIX and APOC class). I think the passiv burning dmg is all the same, doesn’t matter how strong the flamers stats are. Can someone else confirm my “experience/theory”? Please share YOUR experience with us, i really want to know. Have a great time =)