Resistance Weapons Pack

The GZ Twitter just posted our first look at the Resistance Weapon Pack, featuring the Heavy Bow, Flamethrower, and Pitchfork. Releases May 12.


This is the best weapons pack, no question. Flaming a group of runners will never get old.


That looks like they read our topics… Or had the same ideas. Great news. I’m excited if there will be more than just normal arrows for the bow.

Methinks there will be.


Let me guess that the promised molotow-cocktail will be part of a second resistance weapon pack.

Or do you think there will be some new free weapons with upcoming updates?

Well the Molotov was first teased at around the same time as the G79, and that came out in US Pack 2. So it’s likely that the Molotov will be in a hypothetical Resistance Pack 2. Would fit with the whole ‘improvised weapons’ idea of this pack.

Besides, it’s been so long since we got free weapons that it seems like the only way we’re gonna get new weapons is through DLC from now on.

G79 and Molotov videos from 2021


This will be the first DLC i don’t buy. Using pitchforks and bows on machines just feel stupid. But the flamethrower could be cool.


With this being said, the bow could become very interesting, if shooting with it doesn’t attract machines and if it has good physics.

We would have a whole new level of stealth action. And with a bunch of “experimental” arrows (sorry, just think towards hawkeye) this weapon would be really cool.

Nothing to use against great amounts of machines but to destroy some lonely ones in a stealthy way. The arrows themselves shouldn’t do much damage … But there could be explosive arrows, shock arrows, napalm arrows,… :star_struck:

What about magnetic arrows? Shoot at a tank and all surrounding runners will magnetically be attracted for a few seconds. The impact of the attracted machines deals some damage but in general it’s used to gather some machines at one place so that another player can shoot a missile at them. :laughing:


I also dont think i´l be buying this.

  • Using a Pitchfork against non Human enemies…is so weird and off…a chainsaw would make a bit more sense…but the noise would be fatal.

  • Bows are great against enemies in Far Cry, Crysis, Resident Evil, Zombie games in general and even in Hunting games…but against machines they are a bit off…will they be OP or useless? Wont be easy for them to give a balanced Damage to the weapon (might end “ok” but explosive arrows are a MUST).

  • Flamethrower? We are not supposed to get near the machines…nah…

PS: We keep getting more weapons…soon we are going to need a Level 6* Plundra Upgrade.


Uhh, bow hunting, sounds fun indeed :stuck_out_tongue:
But then it have to be silent.
And yes, agree to more upgrades to the Plundra.

Now the next we need is a minigun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Love Bow hunting in Call of the wild too :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m so happy they’re adding bows, and I’m excited to see how the utility of these weapons integrates into gameplay.

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The only useful thing I can see with a bow is if you can shoot sticky flares with it.
I’m not buying this DLC now. Maybe later but probably not.

this one actually looks pretty cool getting pretty tired of shooting bullets in different ways xd


Not sure about the fork but these could be interesting if we can change up combat! :thinking:

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Going to grab that new 5c pitchfork, head into the farmlands and go toss some of those hay bales about. Jam up those pesky hunter knee joints…

That’ll learn 'em!


My biggest biggest fear with this coming weapon pack is that it will be OP.

Looking at the previous pack where the DMRs has been underperforming and not lived up to the role they could have had in GZ. I fear that these weapons that should be more or less useless against machines will get buffed to the point of ridiculousness just for the sake of it!

I hope they will be implemented realistically and therefore useless other than as a goof, but I’m not holding my breath!

I am gonna have some fun with these. I’m imagining explosion tipped arrows like John Rambo used against the russian helo’s.

Fat chance. In a world where you can take down a tank with a baseball bat in roughly the same time as you can with a recoilless 84mm gun there is no room for realism. :wink:


Don’t forget all your cousins !!! :slight_smile: