Respawning Weapons

Platform: XB1

Description: Most weapons that would normally spawn around the map once seem to be respawning.

Steps To Reproduce: Only happens once / check a weapon spawn (Such as FOA 4 or Torsberga fort)

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Xbox One S, happened shortly after I purchased all the Weapon DLCs

So basically I was out at Torsberga and even though I’d already completed the location, I found the 4c Sjoqvist and the 4c Magnus. Same goes for the 5c Magnus at Norrmyra AB.
Is anyone else experiencing this? I haven’t checked the Archipelago yet.
extra info:
I’ve managed to get duplicates of the:

  • 5c Magnus
  • 4c Magnus
  • 4c Granatgevar
  • 4c AI-76
  • 4c Sjoqvist
  • 3c Magnus in the South Coast
  • a bunch of 2c and 1c guns lying around