Weapon Respawning Glitch - Further Recon

Previously I made this page, Respawning Weapons where I reported this earlier, but I’ve done a bit more checking around and I’ve now recovered:

  • 5 star Magnus at FOA 4 (Scope didnt respawn)
  • 5 star GRG M49 at the bridge
  • 5 star Klaucke near Alby Church
  • 4 star Alg. Rifle in the North Coast
  • 4 star PVG-90 at Alnastet
  • 4 star AI76 at Klinte
  • 4 star Magnus in Torsberga
  • 4 star GRG M49 in the cargo
  • 3 star PVG at Annavrugan
  • 3 star Magnus in the south coast
    Specifications: XB1 (Xbox One S), Purchased game disc (Not Gamepass)