Respec-feature PLEASE!

Let us who still play this game, have the possibility to respec our characters.
As of now i would be at maybe Level 200, but because of the cap or the non existing feature to be able to complete the skilltrees. im dead in the water.

Does it matter if its on a single player game?

This is nuts!

No difficulty leves adjustment, No respec or possibility to complete all the trees. No other forms of transportation besides walking, running or the bike.

Give us some heftier weapons, something cool, like a tank or a chopper.

Get influences from games like Just Cause 3-4, those games are very buggy but fun
i’m convinced that GZ would be the same, but it take some effort.

if Avalanche put time and effort into the reshaping of the “new” updated world, maybe put in some ideas of the weapons, vehicles and safe-houses.

Maybe a “BOT” feature to get a couple of buddies to play along with and command?

And i think it should be fair if the robots went out of ammo like the players do. Having “Fab Five” hunting you, throwing gas, grenades, ticks, jumping, stabbing and shooting through windows, doors, walls is not really fair to say the least.

And change the color of the different ammotypes from say 7,62mm Light green Full metal Jacket, to Dark green for the Armor Piercing.

Give us the possibility to SORT out the stash and inventory as we see fit.

I want all my guns at the top, but when i pick up other gear it is soon all over the place!



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