RESPEC, levels & skills

We need it, we want it, you can limit them, make them hard to obtain, make it a 1 per week, make it something that only drops occasionally from a super strong boss, at this point I’d begrudgingly settle for a 1 time at max level reset. It literally could reset your entire level and make you grind it again (although if you do that I’d recommend giving double xp gains after using it cause levelling is very slow).

Alternatively, give a warning that levels cannot be respecced or refunded at the beginning and make alternate characters easier to set up. I know everyone wants to have the max level raised or eliminated. It makes sense given only one specialization can be active at a time.

I think 32 would be my personal sweet spot and here’s why and how that would work: Allow respecs that are farmable or just cost resources of some kind. Keep the 31 level limit you already have to force players into choosing carefully what build they want to go for, as this is a challenging class-based game intended for coop.

Then add a 32nd level that unlocks only when you have gained every skill point in a specific line, allowing you to add an extra level to the specialization of that line, with added benefits (like guaranteeing FNIX level harvesters and tanks will drop Tick Pods for engineer and increasing the currently low drop chance by like 50%).

This will further incentivize players to fit into a specific role or specialization as opposed to trying to be a utility knife character. It also might be worth adding an extra 8 solo levels that you can mark at any time after you’ve specced all your levels, and have those 8 only active while playing solo, to help get those lone wolf’s off your back.

Outside of that, I’m loving my experience. I tried this game out on game pass because a friend briefly mentioned it and it kinda took over my life instantly. I’m currently level 14 and just finished the archipelago area. I hadn’t realized I can’t get tick Pods to drop yet so I put my points heavily into engineer, and everything I’ve seen has been saying the drop rates have been nerfed into the ground and it’s useless.

If I would’ve known that I can’t respec and have limited levels I would likely have been more careful and thought it through. I don’t really want to lose all the gear that I’ve farmed so I’ll likely have to drop it to a friend and have them toss it back to my new one. Got the soviet weapons pack. I love the feel of the 7.62 hunting rifle even if it’s damage is a bit underwhelming.

I’m hoping that I can reduce the recoil and use it as a semi-auto assault rifle while packing the PVG as my sniper/starter. Would also like a reflex sight with 1.5 zoom and much clearer peripherals, but that’s far from a priority. I look forward to where this game is going and the updates coming, but I would say after all this new content I’d take a break and deal with a few of the community issues.

I believe you want a class focus, and preventing me from setting up a good build the first time, or being able to change it once I play enough to learn my style, is gonna drive away new players who haven’t studied the game before jumping in. Or experienced players who want to change what role they are playing to keep it interesting. I’d love to swap between team medic/scavenger, murder hobo, hackerman, and ultimate survivalist.

I hope I can soon. Thank you

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Holy moly, a literal wall of text. You know there is already a lengthy thread about level caps Level Caps Are Not Welcome & Here's Why and skill respec Skills Respec please. There is a search function you can use before creating new threads about existing topics. Makes the life for the mods a bit easier :wink:


Yeah smh. How did you not know there was a search function, did you not research the forum before making a post?

The mods have a hard enough job watching out for everyone’s safety as it is smh.

Sarcasm aside, yes respec is good, no idea why it took this long and we still do not have one.

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I won’t be merging this with other threads since it concerns several requests at once, though I’ve taken the liberty of adjusting the title, as well as adding some spaces between the paragraphs to make the OP’s post readable.



Clearly he is passionate about the game, and considering it’s the first time he has posted - looks like he’s been holding onto them for a while and done a summary.

That said, picking it apart a lot has already been flagged, but of course the level cap is something of consideration for next year. Whether that comes with a Respec option, time will tell,

On a side note, I’ve calculated the XP needed from 32 - 40. You may eat your words.


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If exp from 32 to 40 is an astronomical amount you have two options

Either re-balance thr entire amount for each level.

Or you just have the amount needed from 30 to 31 for each level after.

Increasing the level cap without re-balancing would be a dumb decision. All it would do is add more grind.

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At the moment I would be fine with just about 4 more skillpoints.

In general, if there would be a higher level cap, there would have to be many more specialisation, skills, skill-levels or other benefits for that you can spent earned skillpoints.

But the stronger a character gets (and level 31 can be really strong), the stronger will the machines have to be. Otherwise it won’t make sense… “Hellooo Reaper. Want to meet my bat?”

So if a higher cap would be introduced, why not have to work hard to reach it? And additionally add more level-specific challenges. More rivals per region from level 30 on, more reaper-like-machines (one per region at the same time) from level 35 on, random ambushes at ringfort, homebase or the hotel (or new places) from level 40 on… And so on.

How much skills actually matter really does not change whether skill respec should be added or not.

If they don’t matter to how proficient in battle you can be then why does it matter if I can switch them around if I want to try something out.

If they do matter to how proficient I am then it needs to be implemented because some builds are just plain not as good in the current meta. New players have no idea about the meta or what fits and will have to grind a whole new character to “respec”

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Thank you. I apologize for making such a clustered post.

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I personally enjoy class focused co-op games. I really think it would be nice, even if they don’t change the level cap, to incentivize unlocking/maxing every perk in a tree. Imagine if both the hacker and engineer specializations got an added bonus if you unlocked the whole tech tree. Give players a reason to play their specific role without forcing it. You can choose to crossclass and be a gunner with hacking to assist you, but you lose out on the tier 2 tech bonus now.

It’s all valid, but a game like this thrives more on an ever increasing challenge. The Reaper was a good start; enemies with mechanics that are harder to handle solo push the game to a new tier. Now you want to play with friends who can take the fight with you and work as a team. Or you can be one of the fewer of us that like our souls level challenges.

I will be happy to see more improvements to the game as a whole, and enemies on the level of the Reaper. And I hope those new challenges come with some interesting co-op inspired movesets/mechanics. Who knows, maybe instead of just extra health when more people are in the lobby the enemies might start gaining AoE moves. Much love for everything you guys are doing.