Restart Mission feature

With the amount of problems I’ve had with missions bugging out and requiring game restarts I think a feature to reset a mission, forcing reactivation of all mission steps, would be a welcome addition. Not only for the lost and bugged out steps either, but for all those times you accidentally do something in the wrong order and get objectives confused.

That, and the mission log sorted in completion order and colour coded (or symbol marked like the DLC missions) by region would be helpful.


I know what you mean.
This is feature I already thought of, too.

I don’t know if the current architecture of the game would allow this.

  • What about the earned XP for completing a mission? Will they be reset, too?

  • If yes, what about skills you bought with earned skill points after resetting a mission?

  • What about mission items/weapons you got by completing the mission once?

  • What about following missions which depended on completing the mission you reset?

It would be great to have an option to reset all missions for starting with a new character. That’s true indeed.
Everything further could be difficult because this is not a classic singleplayer game but a multiplayer game with the option to play solo and therefore with no savegames like in a singleplayer game (savepoint when starting and completing a mission for example).

Sure, there truely are other games somewhere out there where it is possible, but that’s the matter I begun this post with. I don’t know if the current architecture of GZ allows this.


I think that the ability to restart a mission is something that is desperately needed. With how often missions can get softlocked and screw your ability to progress in the story, there should be a way to start them over again.

For example, @benjihands had to restart their save after getting softlocked at Stenhaga Farm. That’s pretty early in the game thankfully, but still a big problem.

With the release of New Dawn and the rework of the intro missions, I think now is a good time for missions to be replayable as well, so that players who already left the Archipelago can see what’s changed in the intro.

Replayable missions would also be useful if the mission partially broke while you were playing through it - I had this happen when a couple Himfjäll missions didn’t play essential story dialogue.

And of course it would add a lot of replayability.


It is true, I would love to be able to do my missions again, Also I have had the Mission “Back on Track” stuck in my main missions since 2019, even though I have completed it and when I go back to the place I can’t complete the objectives because I’ve already done them


It would also be quite useful if a player has side missions available while playing solo, but decided to join a multiplayer game for some time, but upon returning to solo play some of those side mission showed completed; yet the player hasn’t done said mission when they were available.


It really would be a win-win-win feature. I don’t know why they’ve never added it.


Another neat idea would be to sort finished mission by region as it gets clutter with either Main/Side Mission.