Rival spawn rate & general loot spawn rate in Rivals

Hello all and devs! Just a quick feedback concering the loot spawn rate in Rivals

I think the spawn rate of high-level mods, weapons, etc., need to be raised when killing Rivals (of any level, but at least level 3 & 4). I don’t know how others have it, but I have been farming rivals for about 4 weeks now and have so far gotten nothing better than experimental pants and jacket. Two times a level 5 modification, which was a nice change of pace, but still.

Second, the rival spawn rate: Absolutely perfect. Well done guys! =)

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The higher the in-game difficulty level is - the faster the rivals spawn in, while still taking into consideration of the 2 hour in-game cool down period, per region, between rival spawns.

Or in other words:

  • In Adventure difficulty, you could be playing 8-10 hours in same region before new rival spawns in.
  • In Skirmish difficulty, you could be playing 4-6 hours in same region before new rival spawns in.
  • In Guerilla difficulty, you could be playing 2 hours in same region before new rival spawns in.

*The hours given are estimations.

If you want better level gear, kill better class of machines and not just rivals. For example, you won’t be getting 5* item from Prototype Rival. If you want 5* items, kill FNIX and Apocalypse class machines, especially tanks and harvs.

Also, many 5* weapon mods are foundable from loot boxes in later regions (Mountains, Marshlands, North Coast and Himfjäll).


Okay so i have been killing close to 100 rivals all have been lvl 4 and mostly tanks and harvesters fnix or apoco class (on guerilla) and i havent got a single experimental yet…this is geting super tedious and im starting to lose interest in the game since i dont feel rewarded for my time and effort.
I usually dont mind grinding for good stuff but this is geting ridiculous. I dont know if im just super unlucky or if im doing something wrong.

Ps I am lvl 31

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I have the same issue. No exp weapon drop from my last 30-40 revivals. That’s not a rewarding feeling. I don’t like that the loot pool contains weapons/attachements OR cloth. There should be a save drop of one 5* or 6* weapon/attachement AND a chance of an additinal cloth drop.
Or at least replace the cloth drops by chematics.

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Well if either of you guys are on console then the loot exp drops are really bad right now. The patch makes them way more common. Another idea was that the more rivals you killed the odds would slowly raise. I think it was called “bad loot protection”. So if you kill like 10 rivals your chances would increase.

Sorry to hear this mate, it is soul destroying yes. Almost as much as date night in Ostervik - but as Mark says I wouldn’t even entertain rivals until the update now. I remember Pontus mentioning the drop rate was “surprisingly high” when he found out the number.

Out of interest…what platrform? Xbox or PS4?

I’m playing on PC so with the latest update.
Well not soul destroying but you simply stop playing. I don’t want to kill another 20 rivals to get stupid cloth that I’m absolutly not interessted in.

In playing on Xbox and was hoping to get some experimental before the dlc gets released so I could use them during the missions but guess i have to wait then…


Your on PC? Something is not right here. Your level 25…right?

I’ll spot you an experimental - just add me up, if you see me online drop me a message.

GT : Alias DJA

Wow thx! That would be awesome :pray:

No worries. I’ll get a goody bag ready.


I’m on lvl 31 and I played both DLCs through. And I made all main and side missions.

All 30-40 rivals level 4?

No probably not. I killed them during the missions and when they crossed my way. I dont farm them.

I heard that it is like this on other games but not in GZ. And that is exaclty my own experience.

You’ll need them at Level 4 with a full region at Level 20, with 9611 XP if you want to maximise your chances

Yes but as I said I dont farm them and my experience is that you won’t get much when you don’t farm them and thats not a good game design in my opinion.
And I don’t like that a rival drop can be cloth instead of weapons, attachments or chematics.

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Last time I played, I accidentally crossed paths with a lvl. 3 FNIX Hunter rival, but decided what the hell, I’ll just take him out. He dropped an exp. KVM 59! :joy:

yeah some times your luck is just like that. nice gun too.

AND! Extremely true to the original as well. A solid well done from The Vanguard

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