Rivals increasing their class by one if they reach max level

Like a Prototype increasing to a Military and such, but they don’t change from a Runner to a Hunter.

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I would vote for Rivals to be able to call Runners and Hunter reinforcements.


I’d like it if Rivals were just a bit more unique rather than tanky versions of things we have already fought


I would like to be able to kill all rivals in order to spawn a reaper. Not as now when they have to be left alive cluttering the map and joining fights. Feels stupid.

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I think it would be interesting if the Rival led a group of enemies which followed it to coordinate efforts or just had something different about them, Rivals are cool with their fancy titles and increased power but are really not much different from the standard ones, maybe Rivals could have some unique battle damage or some resistance trophies or slightly unique armor on them.

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The idea itself is interesting, but I think it won’t be possible to realize that easy.
It’s not just another class, it’s another model of the machine. Means that the machine itself would need to be replaced, but with the same name and status.
That would have to be possible even in an running battle.

Have you already seen my idea for a “nemesis” - system for rivals?

The part regarding the changing weapons already has been realized in my opinion. :+1: