Rivals no longer spawn and major increase in crash frequency - PC

Platform: PC

Description: Rivals are no longer spawning in my game. My regions are at 13, 16, 17, 10, 13 and 2. I have had a severe uptick in crashing at around the same time when my rival population started to dwindle and not repopulate (often at the point when combat ends).

Steps To Reproduce: I have played at least a dozen hours since my last rival spawn all over the map. Validated game files via Steam with no errors and reinstalled with no change.

Images / Videos: NA, would be glad to send copy of savegame if it of any value.

Host or Client: Host (never played multiplayer when the issues cropped up, have since played around an hour of MP but haven’t played long enough to conclude Rivals aren’t spawning in MP for me)

Players in your game: 1


Win 10
Ryzen 2600
GTX 1060 6GB

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Wow those are numbers (the levels). How many rivals do you have running around? Curious if it correlates with population count.

That is just it. I have had no rivals, at one point I had 3-5 per region that I leveled to 4 before killing them. Since that point I have had no new ones spawn. I have killed a lot of rivals (at least 15 experimental weapons drops) so I have a decent sense of how frequently they were spawning. I don’t know the levels of the regions when the drought started but since my first post I leveled Forest from 16 to 18, Mountains from 10 to 15, and South Coast from 13 to 15. Still no rival spawn. I may have to try suicide farming for a rival to see if that works, I just prefer not to, not how I like to play.

And you don’t already have all the experimental weapons?


I’ll hope we’ll see a fix in today’s update.

BTW, did you noticed that relay beacons also don’t spawn?

No fix after the patch for me. I tried suicide farming for rivals and I almost universally crash when I die to any robot that can become a rival. It seems something is going wrong when the game is upgrading a robot to a rival. Joined someones game and played for hours without crash, including spawning and killing a couple of rivals.

I haven’t had an issue with relay beacons, I just killed one in my game.

Even without the crashing I would still like the rivals to work in my own game again even though I have multiple extra experimental weapons stored.

I can confirm this exact behavior in my game as well. Killed hundreds of machines, but get no new rivals on the original map. I have one roaming the new island. Will try and take that one out to see if there’s a chance something gets reset. Also experiencing frequent crashes in my game, related to killing enemies. I also suspect these crashes beeing related to the game failing to spawn a rival.

I have plenty of areas in the game at level 12 or higher.

After playing for few hours both as a host and singleplayer I had just one crash - not rivals connected.

Rivals spawn and level normally.

I’m seconding this, although with some strange caveats.

First, I’m running Windows 10, with an AMD 8350 CPU and a GTX 1060 3GB video card, in case it matters.

I also haven’t seen new rivals spawn since I got Alpine Unrest, with some exceptions - first, I’ve had a single rival spawn successfully, in the farmlands, as a prototype tank. Conversely, for example, my Mountains region is at level 19 / 9160 score, and hasn’t spawned a rival in several hours of gameplay / two clears.

I’ve also had no rivals spawn in Himfjall - region level is up to 16, with a score of 5431. I’ve had increasingly frequent crashes, specifically at the end of combat, with a few at-random sprinkled in. I’m strongly believing that there’s a problem specifically with apocalypse rivals spawning in my game. I’ve already done a complete reinstall of the game via Steam, with no success, and can join other players games / watch Apoc rivals spawn with no issues, so I’m thinking it’s something specific to my save.

So followup, here - I deleted my save by disabling the steam cloud and renaming the folder, starting fresh, and the issue disappeared. I was able to make my way to Himfjall and get rivals to spawn, of apocalypse class, normally. Notably, now I’m also receiving credit for the Himfjall achievements - something I hadn’t recognized I wasn’t getting, before.

I think this may be tied to the fact that, originally, my save didn’t load the DLC quest, and I had to piggyback onto someone else’s world to get Himfjall to unlock appropriately.

I would also think it’s related to some players specific saves, like mine, since I can join others and play for hours with no crashes, and rivals spawning like normal.
Either way, hope they’ll release another patch soon enough.

Symptoms appear on PS4.
It occurs only in single play and not in multi.
When I don’t have a DLC, I feel like I’ve been able to reproduce it after playing with a host that has a DLC.

Another data point regarding being related to specific save games. My game crashed and I lost my 300+ hour save that was undergoing nearly constant crashes. Starting a new save I have played for 20 hours on the new save, 2 crashes and appx. 15 Rival spawns. Reloaded an old backup of my high playtime save and I was crashing frequently again, often at the end of combat. Approximately 1 hour of gametime and 6 crashes. This is on the same install with the only change being the savegame file.