Roadmap '23 discussion


  • Halloween event

  • On the horizon:

    • Weapon Augmenting,
    • Skills revamp,
    • 60FPS on PS5,
    • New procedural missions
    • and a new Vehicles DLC.

Sounds great. Almost too great.
But where is the horizon?

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Definitely beyond Halloween… :thinking: :man_shrugging:


Because of the Earth’s curvature, the horizon is roughly 5 km away. And, it’s impossible to reach the horizon since, no matter how far you travel towards it, it will always remain approximately 5 km away from your position. So, I am sure we don’t want the roadmap to act like the horizon. Or do you?

But I suspect that the time horizon that we can see, can not be further away than the end of this year, otherwise it falls off the map.


I hope this is a joke, the “roadmap” contains already released content, a yearly repeating event that requires nothing from the devs, and vague dreams for the future.

A roadmap looks as follows:

Updated AI for companion
Update to the three most recent experimental weapons and ammo synergies.

Continuation of the “Russian” questline, leading up to the exciting finale!
Revemp of the crafting system

New experimental addons
Questline to obtain Russian exoskeleton, now with stats.

New island DLC
Updates to companion to survive the new island


Now that would be great.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

Well spoken, or written.

That’s correct. But you can reach a certain place on the horizon, like an island you can see on the horizon.

I hope it doesn’t act like the horizon itself, but the list in total sounds like the treasure at the end of the rainbow… Did you ever reach the end of a rainbow?

This would be awesome… If all the “promises” really could happen this year. Sounds like a christmas gift.


And find a pot of gold. Nope. The gifts are not so exciting for me. I really don’t care for weapon augmentations, or skill revamps. It does not give me anything to do. I wanted New area to explore, new missions, more story development, more funny finds in the world, that’s what keeps me going. But I understand it can be great for others, so I am happy for you. I’ll just wait for the next Roadmap. :dog2:


Good news for PS5 I’ve got most progress on that , hopefully soon :v:

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I still dream of the new island, in fact we all do :ok_hand:


Weapon augmenting - yes please
Skill revamp - waste of time as it is now, 100000 other things we need more
60FPS on PS5 - yes please
New procedural missions - group raids, yes please - more of the same, no thanks.
Vehicle DLC - flying yes please, anything else, waste of time

Look at the horizon… These are all community-wishes as far as I know.

  1. Sounds like more different modules for our weapons.
  2. Skill revamps are requested for a long time now. And they are needed, as they don’t cover all the new features of the last two years.
  3. 60 FPS on PS5! At least strongly wished since resistance update for xbox released… Along with 60 FPS for xbox. So in november for 2 years now.
  4. New procedural missions already were announced to come if they work fine. And we wished them, too.
  5. Vehicles DLC! Oh man, what might bring it? It’s a longterm wish for GZ to get more vehicles, even some for more than just a driver. In my eyes this DLC could disappoint or just be awesome. We’ll see.

So what’s next? What could come 2024? A large story DLC or free update with a new island needs time. Time for the script, time for placing objects, scripted sequences, enemies. Time to program some new features or enemies that might come with this update /dlc.

What if 2024 is the time to release this and to keep progress realizing community wishes?

Just an idea:

What if the announced “New vehicles DLC”, which doesn’t tell what kind of vehicles to expect, is a preperation for an update/dlc that leads us to new islands?

There could be boats in the vehicles DLC!

“Wow, boats. Then we could get everywhere!”, some might say (me included).

But what if they just limit the radius we can drive with them? (no really deep water allowed)
And what if they continue preventing us from entering not available islands by the well known reset and the message “you’re not allowed. This is dlc-content you don’t own.”?

The new island update /dlc then could just unlock the new available islands.

Oh I really hope it goes this way.


@Imro Yes, 40% of the Roadmap sucks, because its already released content and the Halloween event is nothing new , its always the same every year, i dont know why they put it there.

Now these ones have been mostly asked

  • Dont know what this “Augmentation” means but ok
  • The skills need some new work, we have been asking for it since 2019
  • Next Gen consoles need some kind of upgrade
  • We wanted new and more missions
  • Well many people asked for new vehicles

I do like your “ROADMAP”

But what the game urgently needs right now are bug fixes, stabilization of new features and old systems.

Then the Wonder roadmap would be a

  • better A.I
  • New Islands
  • New enemies
  • New addons (experimental or not)
  • any necessary upgrade or improvement to any feature that already exists

The question is, can they do it in 2024? Probably not


why are we showing the Halloween event in the road map, it’s a known fact that it happens every year

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IDK :thinking:
Why not showing Christmas and Semla event there? at least it would extend the “Roadmap” till February :sweat_smile:

People were demading “We want a **Roadmap!**”
Well now you have one, even if its filled with an holiday event and some past updates.

Careful what you wish for


We not just asked for it.
They announced it for about half a year now.
Therefore “we” became impatient and frequently asked for it.

It’s not just a release roadmap or development roadmap. That’s why the halloween event is shown. Other future events of early next year aren’t shown because it’s for 2023. The past ones… Well, in general it shows what comes next or what they plan to do next and past events just don’t are important enough to be shown again.
Releases in the past on the other hand also have an impact on now and the future.

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Can you imagine if they added cars? I would love a war of the worlds moment running from a tank in a minivan.

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Its quite easy to run from them.
The Tripod almost got the van with the death ray, the Tank machine gun and missiles cant match a car or Bike speed, it would be boring.

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That’s actually not true. Events like that need to be tested and confirmed to be working with the latest update. It’s not something that’s just guaranteed to work every year.


How ungrateful can you be? There was no reason why a public roadmap would even be announced in the first place, it just requires a bunch of extra work for the devs outside of what I assume is already a busy schedule. For a team their size, pushing a public roadmap is incredibly difficult.

Now it is finally out, with half a year to go which I think is quite realistic considering that this was something they did purely because the community showed interest in it. The map shows what’s just been released, and what’s coming.

See my above reply regarding events.

No. That stuff is coming this year. That’s why it’s on the roadmap. See how that works?