Rocket Launcher EMP Round

Right, bit of a moan. The EMP Round on the rocket launcher describes itself as immobilising for a “long time”. Well, it’s ten seconds like every other form of EMP device in the game. So if you are engaging at 200 metres (not exceptional with the Charlie G*) Ursain Bolt couldn’t get there fast enough to do more than die, which is what I did. Tanks are hard enough already, playing solo, and EMP Charlie G rounds scarce enough that they should at least work for 30 seconds. That seems reasonable, since it is supposed to be the most powerful weapon in the game. Why not. Make them scarce but effective (I’ve only ever seen one, but no more effective than a firework).

I’ve got one more moan/suggestion, but I’ll do it on another topic…

  • Carl Gustav 84mm Recoilless Anti-tank Weapon.
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I’ve found the EMP Round to be much more useful in co-op sessions than playing solo. You can lay down stuns on the Tank from a distance while your buddies sneak up to it with explosives. When you’re alone it’s better to stick with HE rounds. Pop out of cover, shoot, dive back in, reload, repeat.


I agree, many times (at least 3) i have shot a tank with the Carl G EMP and just when i have gotten close enough to start using some gas tanks and sticky flares the bloody thing wakes up and you are in very tough situation (not really)

So i think the EMP round was designed by the robots as a way to lure humans to close proximity in a false sense of security, thus making it much easier for them to eradicate the human race.


Yeah, you der man. I agree, and think that the game would gain, and not lose if the impact of that round were much greater. After all, the weapon is clumsy enough.

And lots of us play single, and when the ammo boxes are still two thirds empty, a tank or a harvester as a source of ammo and cool things is pretty much beyond us. I’ve taken to avoiding them altogether, which is a shame. But it would be nice “in extremis” to use the well-guarded round to tip the scales in our favour. Make them rare by all means…

Bless you, I’ve never got enough of them to take out a tank. And when I finally killed one, it gave me two smoke rounds (which I tried later and had no effect at all) a hand grenade and ten rounds of 50cal ammo (which was useless to me). Not worth the bother!

When using smoke you need to aim between you and the machine you want to hide from. I’ve just now started to use them against hunters and tanks and they do work but you need to get the smoke on the ground not aimed straight at them. Then use what ever weapons you can to shoot through the smoke killing them softly.


Have you played after the June patch? This is what the loot table looks like now in Class 2 Tanks. Depending on the weapon you use, the type of Tank etc.

I’ve played - I just haven’t taken on any tanks! Ten times bitten, lots of shy!

That looks lovely - I reckon it takes 200 rounds of accurate 7.62 to put down the ones I’ve killed. I have a brilliant and cunning strategy for doing it, but since two thirds of the ammo boxes I find are still empty (new ones that is) I never have enough ammo to take them on.

When closing in carry the MP5 analogue too and then you can switch between weapons (and keep on moving when having to reload them.)

TBH I was avoiding fighting tanks till they fixed explosives, but took 3 or 4 down on Saturday night to see what the improvements were like (and then 9 or 10 Harvesters just to annoy them)

All the Harvesters I see are guarded by clouds of dogs. I’ve only ever seen one on its own - never mind nine or ten. But of course, if they are now all going to respawn every time we boot, no one’s annoyed. I’d love to annoy them…

By the way - what is the “Dual-Purpose” nature of Charlie G rounds??

It’s basically an AP round with a fragmentation shell so it can be used on both soft and hard targets. But sweden didn’t have hedp in the 80s. And still dont’t use them.

Oh I didn’t know that and I used to dump all my smoke devices. I will try to shoot through the smoke.

Edit: Yes, it works. Killed three hunters using a shotgun through an open bunker door separated from them by a hand grenade smoke cloud. They do not shoot back. However as they move slightly right or left I used an X-ray sensor. When firing blind, one can also hear whether the rounds hit the target or not.

I want to see a tank hit with a HESH* round, but I suppose a wombat** is too big to fit in a back pack…

*High Explosive Squash Head

**120mm Recoilless - 12 ft long, 1,000 metre range. Powerful enough to take 8 tons of Centurian Turret and blow it 20ft in the air. I’m sure the Swedes had them…

Yeah i assumed if you hit lets say tank right on with the smoke or throw it below it, it would work. But obviously it is better to try to aim it lets say 10+meters towards you. So there is less possibility of the machine walking and thus leaving the smoke cloud past it.

On hunters i just aim down at my feet and it gives some time to effect them, cause they try to flank you anyways.

Take the dogs out from a distance with a hunting or sniper rifle, if you don’t kill the runner first time then they usually wander towards you singly and you can pick them off.

If they get too close then the suppressed submachine gun keeps the noise down and attracts less of the pack (or wandering hunters)
After that go for the harvester with an assault rifle and SMG, the fuel/launchers at the back, armour plates in the legs and then the joints/face.

Using the assault rifle and SMG (with extended magazines) makes for a fairly quick takedown without exhausting all the ammo of a particular type.

It’s not unusual for me to make a scavenging run or two and end up with a few hundred 7.62 and 9mm SMG rounds.

Really! Okay, I’ll give it a go - I know where one hangs out. Mind you, almost all the packs of dogs attack me all at once from all directions…

Never found extended mags for either weapon - only pistols.

How do you know when to move on from one bit of the target to the next?

in co-op , using a emp and other player planting explosives seems very effective , its all about strategy :smiley:

I’m a solo - my strategy is to stay alive… Tanks can be sniped down if you get your positioning exactly right, have enough ammunition and don’t stop firing for more than five seconds. That means that you have to change magazines before you run out - i.e after 19 rounds, rather than 20. That way you don’t have to recock…

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in solo , i attack over hills and run back so i cant get shot , also use trees to block fire.
im sure using emp can help , its strategy , alot of people can help with this.

Try the sniping. I’d be interested if it works for others. You need cover-from-fire between you and it. As it disappears (over a hill, say) you have to wait until you can see just the elbows and a bit of the upper body. Put a round into that and he stops, but can’t see you, so waits to see what will happen. Provided you don’t stop, he’ll sit there indefinitely, until he falls over. Stop firing (i.e. get your changeovers wrong) and he’ll nuke you. So, single shot, once a second and change magazines at 19.

Let me know how you get on…