Rocket launchers are rubbish

Rocket launchers should be more powerful I put 25 rockets into a tank and still had to shoot with another 150 AP rounds this is just stupid rockets need to be buffed they are hard to obtain and do near to no dmg.

You need to hit week spots. If you just point at the tank and fire you are going to waste a lot of ammo. Me and my friend killed a tank tonight. Prototype class, the Brown ones. I fired 4 grenades and a few rounds of 7,62. He used only his Shotgun. When you get blue sparks you are hitting the weak spots.


@Terrorrobot knows what’s up. You need to hit Tanks where it hurts, either from behind or otherwise where they are weak. Try softening them up with a decent long-range gun like the AI-76 or the AG4. Using a friend for distraction, that works great too :smile:

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Also, rockets reliably one-shot runners, seekers, and ticks (the AoE is great for dropping a whole pack of runners all at once), and can reliably two-shot hunters. They’re not great against the big stuff, but they’re acceptably good crowd control.6

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I always aim for the week spots it’s just silly from my prospective explosions do area dmg so hitting them that many rockets regardless of were you are aiming should take them out

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With all the explosive perks maxed out its very effective against packs of Hunters. If they dont go down after one shot its atleast softened them up enough for a Ag4 treatment.


It would be too easy if a tank could be downed by just pumping 3-4 rockets into him. The way it is now, it is properly balanced that tanks are intimidating enemies that require a bit more strategy than just shooting rockets.
For instance, using rockets with EMP grenades can really help you down a tank. Using 2-3 EMP grenades, and you can effectively disarm him, and take him down from there.

Here’s a video of me fighting a FNIX Tank using EMP grenades (among other things).

I believe the only place I’ve actually found EMP grenades in game is at Normyrra Artillery Base - I then use ammo boxes to clone them, as I think Tene has previously shown in one of his videos.

I could also have softened him up with a couple of HEDP grenades if I wanted to save some assault rifle ammo.


@Nisthan It’s actually HEDP. That means high explosive dual purpose. It’s basically an anti-tank round with shrapnel around it that’s sent away when it hit a target. I’m not sure how the game mechanics are but I still believe it should do more damage against a weak spot because it’s an AP round that also works with area damage.

I’ve mentioned before that sweden didn’t use this kind of grenades. They had an have different ones for HE and AP. And I would like if the game also had that insted of the HEDP.

I was busy playing about with the rocket launcher in a bunker and accidentally pushed the go button - bloody great bang a yard in front of me - took my health down from 100% to 5%, so that’ll give you an idea of the force of each rocket.

Maybe you could argue this is why rockets should indeed do more damage, since I don’t believe anybody would actually survive shooting a rocket straight at their feet - least of all a swedish teenager from the 80’s !! :laughing: :sweat_smile:

I think there ought to be a scale - so a rocket is, say, 10 shotgun blasts…

Since the hunters go in packs of up to 12, I reckon a rocket ought to kill a Hunter outright - and the FNIX Hunters for me drop 10 rounds of birdshot and a medipack - so ten’d be about right…

I also think rocket launcher is kind of useless when you consider the inventory space. Ditched it long time ago without regrets.

High Explosives are weak against armor and you can only stack 4 of them in 1 slot. You need 2 of them to take down FNIX hunter, that is 2 hunters per 1 inventory slot. You can also have 240 FMJs for AG4 and this would be enough to kill 5+ hunters.

EMP rounds are a bit more useful, but the problem is you need to get close to a tank and after EMP hit you really want to unload, and not going to menu and select another weapon, thus regular EMP cell is more useful - you can throw it and still have 2 main guns available right away.

Smoke rounds are just as useless as smoke grenades. You need a lot of them to do anything good, not worth it as far as inventory space is concerned. Plus you have the same problem as EMP - weapon switching is a big pain, especially with poor inventory UX


I don’t think they are rubbish. I took down a fnix harvester in about 3 HEDP rounds (I hit the weak points). You can take down a hunter with one round.

And smoke handgrenades works just fine. You can fire through it and they don’t spot you as easy. But smoke for grenade launcher is waste of space in my opinion.

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HEDP rounds work well against a tight pack of Runners, or Hunters if they stand close together.
I also use them on the big guys to soften them up, but you have to be behind them for it to be useful.

EMP rounds I feel are only worth it if you coop with someone. You can quickly disable Tanks without breaking cover, and your teammate will be waiting behind him, ready to move in and disable the guns.
You don’t have time to do this effectively while solo. EMP cells are more suited for this.

I guess it would make sense to have AP rockets in the game, but they would face the same unrealistic problem as the AP .50 BMG round. Shots only damage the component they hit. They don’t penetrate through and damage multiple components like they should.

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The current HEDP rounds for the Granatgevär should probably just be split into dedicated Anti-armour/Anti-tank/Armour-piercing and HE rounds so that players can choose between anti-armour, high-explosive and EMP and know exactly what they’re getting when they pull the trigger.

I get that the current HEDP is likely meant to be the FFV502 (nice big HE frag + 150mm of armour penetration), but the in-game action is mediocre HE + mediocre AP making it rarely the best choice.

This kind of feels further exacerbated by waste, if you’re using it for HE then its AP characteristics are simply doing nothing for you, and vice-versa. Hunters in particular seem to be completely immune to the AP part making them a waste of rockets.

The Granatgevär simply doesn’t excel at a task for its position in the weapon hierarchy, especially when combined with the ammunition rarity and its bulk. When used correctly (choose the correct ammo and apply in the correct situation) it should feel impactful and rewarding, but instead it’s more of a fiddly novelty.

If players could set the detonation characteristics of the existing HEDP like is possible for the real FFV502 HEDP round, that also provides an avenue to solving the issue as players could choose between favouring the HE function or AT function.

@NoMrBond It would be easiest to give us HE and AP grenades insted of programmable rounds. And more accurate considering what the swedish army uses. And one illuminating round.

Realistically, it’s decent HE, it’s just that HE is kind of useless against anything with decent armor even IRL and the game doesn’t model explosions sanely (a direct hit from an HE round should render the guns on a tank inoperable, and probably take off the entire optical cluster they’re coupled to as well).

It is, however, a great panic button if you get swarmed by small stuff because the splash damage is still significant against runners and seekers and it’s a whole lot more accurate than a grenade unless you perk into the support tree.

Just saying but if you think the launcher is rubbish now then goodness knows what the thought of it wouldve been a month or two back as the rounds seemed like it did minimal damge to big daddies.
I too think all the weapons and explosives are much better balanced now.Personnally id just like to see more visual damage of the robots from the amount of damage done to them for example dents or inside exposure of the circuits or even a limb fall off causing a disadvantage.The weapons falling off is a nice touch.

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The boys I know who used the Charlie G in the Falklands said it destroyed anything they fired it at - without exception…