RPG launcher still to weak afer 1.07


I just started a new game on PS4 and encounter my first tank near a church safe house, sorry can’t remember which one, but early on and just got the rocket launcher, so the robot must have been prototype. Anyway, it took 7 rounds and was still alive and able to launch attacks, though it was retreating. Seriously, these weapons are designed to destroy armor and should do MASSIVE damage. I recommend the rounds do around 250% more damage than they currently do. Otherwise why do I even want to use it? As compensation, have the ammo VERY difficult to obtain, but HIGHLY effective. For instance,

dog, 1 hit EDIT:, probably OK see below.
hunter, 2 hits, maybe still moves. EDIT:, seems OK now
Harvester, 3 hits, maybe still moves/attacks. EDIT:, seems OK now
Tank, 4 hits but still alive and able to launch some kind of attack.

Sorry for the EDITs, I made my original post based on an experience with a tank and assumed the other types would be similar by extrapolation. Shouldn’t have jumped the gun. It seems fine except for the tanks at least in the early stages of the game. I also now realize this is more complex than it seems. Since the weapon works fine against all other enemies, simply increasing it’s power would mess up the rest. It would seem a script is needed to know if the target is a tank and then adjust things from there. Not sure if that would introduce lag or hesitation.


I think the Granatgevär works fine against Tanks, you just have to keep in mind to hit it where it hurts. It’s not a precise weapon, and the standard HE rounds are not armor-piercing. The Tank is heavily armored in the front, including it’s legs. The back has more weak spots.

It’s also wise to whittle it’s health down with other more precise weapons with AP rounds and then finish it off with the Granatgevär. I’ve noticed that the Class 1 Tank’s weapons have considerably less health than it’s tougher counterparts, so taking them out first is a good way to lower it’s health a fair bit.


If I remember correctly to take out an apc you needed 2-3 rounds on average with the rpg. Because it’s an hedp round and in the heat of battle you probably wouldn’t always hit the sweet spots. The same in The game. Not always time to aim om The correct spots on the tank. Sometimes theres only time to aim at the tank not at its weak spots.


I made a quick research. And in the 80s sweden didn’t use hedp rounds. We had four different types. Illuminating, smoke, HE and tracer AP. The HEDP round that is used to day was not in service in sweden back then.


Also the original release took 8+ rounds to take a tank out


There were no murderous robots either. Since this game takes place in an alternate universe of Sweden, anything’s possible.


Mates who were in the Falklands related that a decent hit from a 66mm would take out an APC, and one 84mm Charlie G round was a cert. Mind you, I’ve carried those perishing Charlie G rounds - two in a plastic case was all you’d want to carry very far…


Tell me, Xezr, if you come up behind a tank, it’s two weapon systems are hanging down side by side. If you hit the cannon with a rocket, will it be blown off? If you put a second into the rocket launcher, theoretically it can no longer hurt you, except for stamping on you. Is that correct?

The reason I ask is that most machines I engage are running about trailing smoke and sparks, but run as fast, see as well and fire as quickly and accurately as before, until they actually fall over.


In theory, yeah. I don’t know how many rockets it takes but a full 45 round magazine of 7,62 FMJ will knock out the gun on a FNIX Tank. You’d need to be close though, for every bullet to hit. From a distance it’s hard to hit such a tiny target with the RPG anyway.

After you’ve knocked the weapons off the Tank will start following you though, trying to either stomp you to paste, or use either the gas attack or the shockwave attack.


Where does anybody find a 45 round mag for a 7.62? sigh

Still, worth a try. Then I can push off and finish it in my own time. Thank you…


In game, probably a really lucky drop from a FNIX tank.

IRL, you can get these standard as an extended magazine for some AK-47 variants, though they look really silly (they curl around to the point they’re almost touching the bottom of the barrel). You could probably also get one custom made for an SR-20 or FAL platform, but it would likely be really unwieldy.


Yeah, it’s pretty useless now. It boggles my mind how both the .50 rifle and the grenade launcher can deal such a miniscule amount of damage. It took 16 hits with the recoilless rifle and two stacks of 7.62 FMJ rounds until the last tank I squabbled with was dead. It wasn’t even an FNIX, just a regular military version. I wouldn’t mind if the FNIX tank took that much to bring down, but right now I don’t feel like there’s any reason at all to engage any of the larger machines as a solo player. The FNIX is the only one that will drop good loot but even if you dump your entire inventory, chances are that it won’t be enough to kill it. I tried taking out an FNIX harvester, but even after blasting it with 52 rounds from the anti-materiel rifle it just stood there looking confused as to what I was trying to achieve.


Either you’re lying, or you’re a very poor shot. I took this one down with just a few grenade rounds and my Pump-action loaded with Birdshot. 8 Explosive rounds, some 600 rounds of pistol ammo and 160 5,56 ammo is pretty good loot for a Prototype Tank.

Don’t expect some magical weapon that can take down what’s supposed to be the toughest enemies of their class in just a few shots. That’s not how it works.


Shot placement is the key… If you have the IR Vision module you can clearly make out the parts that are vulnerable.



proof that it takes place in an alternate reality that does not play by our rules is the chess board.


Thanks for the reply man! I know it may not state explicitly that that the rounds are armor penetrating, but “dual purpose”, in this day anyway, generally means that the round can be selected to be either AP or fragmentary. This would be done either manually or by sophisticated sensors within the round. Which… brings up another point. Since they are dual purpose rounds, it would be nice to be able to select which one you want. AP to take out a single enemy, or fragmentary, to damage several at once if they are close to one another. That should actually be easy to implement. I may make a separate thread for that. Thanks for the input, I’ll try your suggestion and use the Granatgevär for follow up.


Don’t be that guy, man. No one likes to be called a liar.

My problem is that you may only get a single chance to hit the exposed components if you play by yourself. Once you fire, tanks will turn around and keep facing your general direction for the duration of the fight. The prototypes do turn around and walk away sometimes, but the military ones rarely make that mistake. The FNIX tanks I’ve encountered never even let me out of their sight.

Speaking of which, that there on the picture is a prototype, they’re not very hard but I never got any good loot from them so I’d rather save my ammo. You can take down prototype tanks with a low grade Kpist if you have enough ammo…try doing that with the non-prototype versions… I get that they’re armoured, but even if they had reactive armour, it would only take a few HEDP rounds to penetrate it, and that’s being generous. Source:

The recoilless (and to some extent the anti-materiel) rifle is supposed to be op af, that’s the whole point of that type of weapon… Make it a lot more powerful and the shells a lot more scarce. There, problem solved. Then you’d really need to make every shot count.


It was more intended as sarcasm, my apologies. The Tanks do move about, but it’s largely dependant on where you fight them, the range they’re at, the detection level… Normally if I can’t get behind a Tank I try to aim just above the armor plating on it’s “head”, that’s a weak spot. The attached weapons work too, but it can be difficult depending on what they’re equipped with.

I took down a FNIX Tank earlier with just 8 explosive rounds from a three crown launcher. Granted, I have the perks that let me do more damage with explosives. It took time though, because he was at quite a distance and hid inside a bush. As soon as I popped out of cover he’d fire on me, so I had to use the thermals on my binoculars to line up each shot.

I certainly don’t mind the idea of making the launcher more powerful, if the counter-balance makes the ammo for it a lot more rare. Makes it so you don’t waste it against weaker foes, either.


I see I’ve helped generate a lot of good and constructive comments. thanks for all of them. I think this will help things get better. This is an amazing game that is welcomed and I want to see it get better so it can get the praise it deserves.


To me the Military Tanks are the worst.

Took a FNIX out with a 50 cal tonight, IR scopes (and binoculars) are your friend, if it’s black then it is what you want to shoot it :slight_smile:

And their eyes too

I had issues when unpacked a fight with a couple of military tanks as there was nowhere to get them trapped in the scenery (always a good option if you can’t get to play peekaboo around a handy corner)