Russians or Americans POLL

So tell me community, American or Russian weapons

American versus Russian weapons
  • American
  • Russian

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The Soviet weapon pack adds 2, arguably 3, unique weapons. 2 of which have entirely new ammo/caliber. The US weapon pack is alright in comparison, though I have a few problems with it.

Overall, I have to go Soviet.

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My vote is same as MarkNcheese42 and I’ll add on that base-game guns feel superior than US counterparts. MAG (kvm59) have better control over N60 (M60). FNC better stat-wise and difference grows with quality, predictable and controllable recoil. M9 (N9) I feel is a tie with Glock (Klaucke) - better control than latter, but model animation (jumpling around slide) makes it hard to keep sights on target with quick shots, also saving grace for Glock is it’s experimental version for this caliber.

Soviet pack adds 3 quirky guns, that have very strong quirk about them with a drawback.
Dragunov (Kotenok) is weak semiauto rifle, that feels like bridge between assault rifles and sniper rifles - ammo amount for former with accuracy of latter. A good “poor man’s rifle”.
“Val” (AT-WAD) - the most ironic gun in the whole GZ bunch. A candidate to overthrow SVD as superior DMR (“Val”, en:“Shaft”, is basically assault rifle version of special forces sniper rifle “Vintorez”, en:“screwcutter”) due to very high accuracy and high damage per bullet (even higher than G3’s 7.62, difference is more apparent with damage buffs). A very unobvious gun.

RPG-7 (RLG-7) - A rocket launcher with scope and fast reload. Nuff said. CarlG’s pros - “tactical” munitions and experimental burst-fire version, very accurate and less curvy trajectory.

I’m currently in depth testing stuff, but this gonna take a while (farming ammo, experencing crashes, the usual).

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From a story and lore perspective, I’ll take the Soviet weapons over the American ones. Mainly due to guns such as the N60 (irl M60) are so common in video games, it’s kind of tiring at this point. So it didn’t really sit well when those guns were the first weapon pack, at the time we wouldn’t know what to expect in content. Like if they would have a quest or in-game lore, plus how long the time frame would be between different packs. Now that they are out, they just felt like the cheapest thing that could have been done. Of course, they are cheap price for what they are, and it’s better than nothing. But considering all the lore implecations and plot elements such as NATO taking action and the player getting help outside Östertörn, it felt like an extreme waste of oppurtunty to have the lore on twitter advertisements and on the store page.

In the case of the soviet pack, while it still does the same thing as the American pack, Soviet (though not very alive) soldiers have been seen scatterd. It does make the (yet very lazy) way of our character getting them off screen a bit more understandable. Like technically there is some in game lore of soviets being around. Though I will always prefer that devs increased the price of weapon packs and did more then just have free 3crown and grind for 5crown. Honestly the quality of the post vanilla story has been awful when important details or interesting events just happen of screen, yet is treated like something our character or other characters already know, i.e FMTL station. Since the game is doing the whole bare bones then fix it later thing, it’s gonna hurt the story because when all minimal story implications add up to a giant pile of story beats. It’s gonna be a tough problem to fix later.

I like both packs, but indeed the Russian weapons seem more unique. So I voted for the Russian weapon pack. The rocket launcher is great fun.

This is really a hard one since both packs have two weapons who aren’t well implemented/have no real advantage over exisiting weapons.

I use the N9 as my sidearm since it’s sound is dope. The Kotenok is a full waste since the AI 76 is better in every category. The AT-WAD is the weapon of choice if you like reloading your weapon. Only the RLG-7 makes sense. I have the feeling the damage is a bit higher than with the Grg. I downed a proto tank with just a couple of shots.

I’ll go with the russian pack but for future packs I want the weapons to really make a difference. To me it seems the packs have little to no value unfortunately.

To me the russian pack is more appealing, because of the Dragunov sniper even though it seems to miss the punch of the other sniper rifles.

*hint * Please introduce magazine extensions for the Älgstudsare and the Meusser, like maybe +1 bullet per grade… pretty please…

And the RPG-7 looks like it has what the M/49 is missing, armor piercing qualities…

Because occasionally I absolutely do like to use the M/49 just for the “right in your face you lousy machine”-feeling one needs from time to time. Well, at least I do… :wink:

Oh and I still don’t like the sloppy made M16 from the American pack, that’s a no go!

My 2 ct and so my vote goes for the russian package

Between US and Soviet weapons, i, too, prefer Soviet weapons more, due to their niche.

My observations;
US weapons

N9 - Essentially the same as Klaucke 17, while holding 2 rounds less initially. But can be expanded to 25 round mag, just like Klaucke. Since i only use 6* Klaucke due to it’s EMP chance, N9 sits in my Plundra. Also, i like the Klaucke looks more and the gunsling animation of N9 can get tiring.

N16 - Essentially the same as AG5. Since N16 uses 5.56mm, it doesn’t have the damage per shot as e.g AG4 has. Though, it does have burst fire, which AG5 doesn’t have. But because 5.56mm is underdog in GZ, both of them are sitting in my Plundra. Also, i don’t like the overall looks of N16.

N60 - Essentially the same as KVM 59. But with some differences. It has slower RoF and in-turn, less recoil, making it more accurate than KVM 59. I’ve used KVM 59 for so long and since i’m using 6* KVM 59 for it’s special ability, N60 is sitting in my Plundra.

Soviet weapons

SVD (Kotenok) - Interesting weapon, especially since it doesn’t have equal counterpart. If we compare SVD to AG4, due to the 7.62mm it uses and attachments it can have, SVD is inferior to AG4 in all aspects. However, if we were to look SVD as a hunter/sniper rifle, then it has it’s virtues. Sure, it doesn’t have the great damage per bullet as .243 or .270 has, but it makes up for having far bigger magazine size and ability for very fast semi-auto fire. Also, it’s ammo, 7.62mm, can be used with other weapons as well. For the time i used SVD, i couldn’t reliably land shots on the target with 4-8x scope. But i think it’s just me and more practice with it would be needed.

AT-WAD - Another interesting weapon, without having equal counterpart. Closest to it would be HP5 since AT-WAD, despite named as assault rifle, looks and acts like SMG. It has low damage per bullet but very high RoF and comes with built-in silencer. Though, it’s unique ammo, used only by it, doesn’t make it as versatile as e.g HP5 is. Also, having built-in silencer means that you can’t equip any barrel mods to it, e.g barrel extension to increase velocity. Overall, it’s a nice weapon for covert gameplay.

RPG - Equal to M/49 but with a key difference. While M/49 with HEDP rockets is best against groups of machines (e.g runner pack), RPG with HEAT rockets is best used against bigger machines (harv/tank). While RPG can be used against groups of machines, it’s HEAT rockets doesn’t have almost any AoE damage, compared to M/49 HEDP rockets. Though, RPG does come with zoomable scope and ability to equip vision mod as well. Firing arc is also more direct, with less bullet drop than HE rockets. Downside is that there are no EMP or smoke rockets for RPG.