Safe houses being undiscovered

So upon discovering a safehouse, I can explore it etc and on the compass, it says its available. However when I open map it says its undiscovered despite the compass saying otherwise

Have you already been in the building with the dead man on the ground inside? Upper stairs? There the safehouse should get unlocked.

The compass just shows where the next safehouse is, If you’re close enough. It doesn’t say if it’s available as safehouse/fasttravel location.

I wonder if it’s the first safehouse you discovered. :thinking:

I have noticed that there is a certain point (location) that you need to be to unlock the safe house. I had a really hard time to unlock two safe houses. The first was Lennarts Marin and the second a small shed on a small mound in the middle of a field somewhere in the farmlands (don’t remember the name or location).

I went to both several times and walked around them many times trying different routes…it didn’t unlock. I gave up, but then by chance I went to those places in other errands and I suddenly hear the chime and the icon changed.

I think that some of the safe houses have tiny hit boxes for the unlocking. It does not seem to be like a perimeter circle around the Plundra.

So just try to walk around the place, maybe doing an outwards spiral?

To unlock Lennarts Marin you need to have the DLC “Alpine Unrest”.

For the second one check out this:

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Are you sure? I’m pretty sure that I unlocked it before I bought Alpine Unrest…but I can be wrong.

However, I’m 100% sure the undiscovered safe house icon was there before I bought the AU, and all the safe house items (Plundra and such) were there too.

I can’t remember if that’s the one I talked about…might have been. I think I unlocked it out side the dilapidated shed though…but I remember I was surprised when it did unlock and I did not do any jumping inside. :smile:

Yes… a mistake by the devs, I guess.

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