Save Deleted for the last time

This is the final time im going to report about this but my save was deleted for the 3rd time. I just want you to know about this issue

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My friend, the game is really buggy, have you tried to save on an external HD / SSD?
Are you on Xbox?

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I do play on xbox, and I understand that the game is buggy its just that I’ll put 50 hours in and it’ll be gone in a snap of a second

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For me it’s really hard to believe it, to be true.
I can’t Imagine why the savegame file should be deleted by the game.

Is the game installed on internal or external memory?
What about the cloud backup?

Do you often switch profiles or are there others who play at your console? Do you play just on Xbox or even sometimes on PC with gamepass app?

There’s an issue they’ve yet to acknowledge where different Xbox profiles on the same machine share aspects of the same world state. So if you switch between profiles the most recent one will always overwrite the world of the previous save. (My character progress & plundra were ok).

Switch profiles a few times and you’ll see the world progress reset as it switched between them.

This is true if you play on PC via GamePass too. I started a fresh world on my son’s own Xbox profile on my Series X and doing so reset my ~2,000hr world state.

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