Save Loss after quit

Platform: PC

Description: After saving the game (Traveling to safe house 2 to 3 times) and launch the game again after said save, i get sent to a save PRIOR to the newest one. Essentially losing progress. This has happend around 4 times already.

Steps To Reproduce: Not sure exacly but this is what i have done in the pass few times that seem to lead it happening.

  1. Lauch the game and play for a hour or more (Do missions, kill rivals,etc)
  2. Travel to safe house’s multiple times, technically, saving the game
  3. exit to menu and then exit game

Once i return HOURS after, its all back PRIOR to the new saves.

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Host/ offline

Players in your game: 1 (Just me)

CPU: Ryzen 3600XT
GPU: RX 570 8G
Ram: 16g DDR4 at 3200Mhz
Game is in a M.2 with 500g of space
Internet connection is ethernet based

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the properly formatted bug report!

Im not discussing the bugreport here, just wanted to share my save-strategy.
I always open the plundra storage box before quitting, and i make sure to wait until the save game icon disappears.

I know that the game saves automatically when some things occur, like when the inventory changes.
So picking up anything or dropping junk from the backpack should suffice, but i still go to the plundra at the end of my game session.

I cannot answer if the game actually does save on each fast travel but i think it should.

Having a work-around doesnt solve your core issue as stated in your bug report, but it does make life a bit easier. :slight_smile:

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Windows defender has known to cause problems with save game. Preventing the game save. You need to give exception to GZ save folder.


Yep can confirm. Managed windows and saw activity of it blocking generation zero from making or editing files as if it was malicious. Made the firewall ignore the folder and generation zero. Boom, problem fixed. Saves every time and no error.

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With this, i conclude that your issue got solved. :slight_smile: Topic closed.