Secret apparel items


Well I got the police uniform today which I really didn’t know you could get but I don’t have the hat so obviously you must be able to get it but I can’t confirm it’s still was a secret to me as I had not seen anyone else with it or anything about it on the internet

List of police uniform parts&colours

Police uniform is one of the new sets that came with apo machines. Same goes to the Resistance set.

Full police set is seen here with 0L0’s 2nd char: What is your skill build?


As far as I know there are 3 color variants - light blue, dark blue, and black.


Sure, THAT they got in black, but my Army Tactical suit? XD :stuck_out_tongue:


i got the hat but nothing else yet


So, hat and jacket. No shirt / trousers to match.


Who needs trousers anyway.


Speak for yourself, Peg.


Suit pants (black) should fit well with Police jacket. I’ve used the same pants with my Elegant set since those too doesn’t have pants in the set. For shirt, button shirt should fit the Police jacket. But since i don’t have the Police jacket, only have hat, i can’t test it out.


He wears skirts I think.
Maybe the every so often dress? XD

Feel free to do so my friend, be yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


You try wearing a skirt when it’s -20°C outside. :grin:


Well, I’m quite comfy in pants, thank you.
And we no longer have winters here. :frowning:
Worst we had was -2c


Skirts give far more freedom and ventilation than pants. :wink:

As for winter, perhaps move to Northern Sweden? There, you can easily get -30°C winters, if not more. :snowman_with_snow::snowboarder:


Funny you mention it, I wanted to suggest just that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But then…

Here in middle Germany we always have more than -30° C. :wink:


What about a kilt? Or perhaps even a full highland attire for our Scottish fellow players? The bagpipe is a fearsome weapon in the right hands.


Is “bagpipe” sort of a metaphor for something kilt-related?


@pegnose, you are a very naughty boy! :joy:

“A fearsome weapon in the right hands”? Well, who am I to judge :wink:


But since you have the police hat, @Aesyle, you just have to find a jacket to match the hat, as you already have the trousers to match the jacket :blush:

(I absolutely love these threads)


Bagpipes are another weapon banned by the Geneva Convention, along with chemical and biological warfare.


I love bagpipes… :’(

I’m so sad now…
We need outlawed tunes played on outlawed pipes…