Semla Pastries - where to find in general?

I’ve a special assignment: find and eat 4 Semla Pastries.

Earlier I found 2 of them, but can’t remember where or how.
Thought they were to be found in houses - very rare.
The two I already have won’t be counting I suppose?

Go to places with many houses like Ostervik or Hagaboda and look in the kitchens. they’re always in plain sight. 4 Semlas should be easy to find.

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Ah thanks! Oh yes, now I remember to have found one in a kitchen.

SR_Carni just wrote about it:

First thing now, I want to get that hat :man_cook:

Found one - but how do I ‘deploy’ them? Assign to slot and use?

So if you finished the assignment you get the Baker’s hat, and it will be in the FMTEL rewards box next to the FMtel station. Take the hat from the Box (bring Item). The hat should then automatically be transported to your apparel.

Then go to your profile tab. Look under head and find “Semla Baker’s Hat” and equip it.

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Oh I’m sorry, I mean the Semlas! I wasn’t clear.

Semla’s you can use from the inventory, or assign to a slot, it is like a medkit. When you are damaged it will heal you a bit.

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And it just can be used if you’re injured.

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Himfjäl Island is the place to go. There, they are about as rare as weapons. They’re always on white plates with a blue ring pattern, and the plates can be anywhere, intersecting refrigerator doors and walls, on counters and tables. I think I’ve found over twenty there today, even found one outside!

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:dizzy_face: 20! and outside? Farmlands were mentioned, so I searched almost every house (not burning) - there aren’t as many over there. But now Himfjäll … hmmm ok.

I know they can heal, that’s nice. I keep thinking about Semtex, but that’s not very healthy :nerd_face:

Edit: ok, got 4 of them and on my wheel. Then what? :man_cook:

Take a little bit of damage and use them like a med kit. But iIrc they only heal about 10%…

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Ah yes, that works the same in this way (because of the healing aspect).

Thx! I swallowed them :laughing:

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Very handy again at this stage. Again, I would never have found it.

:man_cook: :nerd_face:

But nobody takes me serious like this - I think, so my actual look is this one:

won’t do this again mod, I promise

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I have found some Semla after eating them I’m dying. :yum:


wearing the Selma Bakers Hat should give a Movement Speed Boost :blush: Baking Them and Eating Them, all that sugar, would give a speed boost

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