Shoot and die , keep repeating


Dev team needs a new approach to the game. Right now it’s basically …you shoot and BAM your dead…balance difficulty or give us more powerful weapons.


Have you tried getting good though? :rofl:


Sounds like a completely different game from that I’m playing :wink:

For serious now - if you just got the game and find it difficult then check @tene tutorials here (open in youtube - there is a playlist of 9 videos):


Well, nothing can one-shot you in the game from full HP, not even on Guerilla difficulty. So, what’s that “BAM” you’re talking about? :thinking:

Btw, you’ll find better weapons later on in the game. And death has no penalty on you other than spawning back in the safehouse, if you don’t have adrenaline shot to revive you. It’s not like you have One Life and when you die, it’s Game Over (e.g like in DayZ).


I see you are still the same Aesyle since I left the forums. You could strive harder to keep your facts straight. And try to remove that toxic edge you almost always have.


What platform, sir?
PS4 has better machines, much more deadly.
We so lack these on PC… :frowning:


Technically, you die from secondary explosion, while initial explosion reduces your HP down to 26. But given that apocalypse cluster mortar launch is considered as one attack against player, i agree that you can die from one attack of a machine, and i thank you for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does my world crumble down since i was proven wrong? No, it does not.
Being wrong is erroneously associated with failure, when, in fact, to be proven wrong should be celebrated, for it elevates someone to a new level of understanding. :blush:

However, that doesn’t give you the right to be rude against me, with name calling and what not.


Agreed, miss.
This type of behaviour is not welcome here…


Hello fellow combatants, please excuse my less than clear original post. The original post needs the following clarication: After playing everyday for 6 months, I took a break. Last week I came back to the game and found that the game had the new DLC and the 3 new difficulty levels. The point I was trying to make was that the game has gotten too hard and predictable. For example, it doesn’t matter how careful you are, you’re light is off, you’re shooting from cover with an assault rifle equiped with a silencer…the enemy knows exactly where you’re hiding. I would like the Runners detection ability to be sound based, if you’re running they hear you from far away, if you’re walking they hear you less. Basically, if you’re hidden and made you’re shot with a silencer you should be undetectable.


Do note that assault rifle silencer does not muffle the firing sound as greatly as e.g SMG silencer does.

Out of 5x silencers in game, assault rifle silencer is 2nd worst:
(click on image to enlarge)

All machines have 3 ways to detect you:

  • visibility (they see you)
  • sound (they hear you)
  • impact (you shot at them)

You can not possibly ask for only sound detection, where machines are completely blind and doesn’t react at all when you’re firing at them.

The more of a racket you make, the further machines hear you. Sprinting makes the most of the noise, followed by walking, crouching and then prone. Also, if you move through shrubs, it does conceal you visually but you will make more noise. Something to keep in mind.


Basically, you ask for Godmode, sir.
Machines have various sensors, like IR/UV/OPV vision, hearing…
It would be illogical for you to be totally unseen.

Now, I am one of those, that ask for a much heavier game mode, lethal, relentless, where machines can actually be machines, and not the sitting duck targets, as these are right now.
Mind, I play on “Gorilla Mode” with scaling toggled on: 89 deaths over 4K kills… just is not right.
I’d dare say, it should be 4K deaths over 89 kills, for it to be more realistic, but even I would find this a tad far going.

I do get “casual players”, and them not being “that good” or lacking time to get the better weapons, but many requests feel more like: “I wanna kill all, I wanna all weap and cloth and ammo and hp-pack and… and… and I want it NOW.” to me.
And hey, if that is what you like, sure, go for it.
But remember, when these settings are done in the core game (thus not optional), it ruins it for the others such as me.

When I ask for something, I always stress out, it should be optional.
That is why I feel, the April patch was quite the mistake.
As this was forced onto ALL players.
No one would’ve complained if this was an optional setting.

The game is not too hard, sir.
But maybe, an additional soft mode could be asked for.

I asked in the mean time for a survival mode, for those eager to have more difficulty…
Optional, naturally. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarication.


@Mutantpops Have you tried shooting a rifle with a silencer IRL? It’s not quiet, I’ll tell you that much. :slight_smile: It’s a lot more comfortable for your ears, for sure. The silencer removes most of the boom from the gun blast, but the bullet itself makes a loud crack when it breaks the sound barrier, upon exiting the barrel. A caliber .22 LR with standard velocity ammo will be very quiet with a silencer, but that’s no good against armor. :wink:

@Aesyle There is a 6’th silencer in the game, the shotgun silencer. :wink:
Sorry, I don’t like being nitpicky, I just had to this once. :sweat_smile:


Right. Forgot that. I almost forgot the KVM silencer as well but happened to saw it in my pundra and then added it last minute.


KVM silencer, that is SO wrong, really… LMAO




I think it is adorable that you have never heard a real silencer.


So I guess as long as people are picking on the guys that say the things we don’t want to hear, MODS does not reprimand them.

And I think is adorable that you have never got shot at from say 50m in the forrest and trying to pinpoint where exactly the shooter is.

So adorable.


Excuse me, where, who what, good sir?


If you’ve got an issue with a user or a moderator’s behaviour, talk to an Admin. Openly bashing on the boards will do you no favours, whatsoever. No more off-topic, please.