Show Ammo type in HUD


Hi Devs,

would it be possible to show the currently used ammo type in the HUD?

A small feature like that would be very handy.


Oh YES, YES, several times I was thinking about submitting this as well.


This is a good suggestion! Since we’re on the topic, I’d love if Bolt-action rifles were displayed as that instead of Semi-automatic.


I think the bolt-action versus semi-auto thing is a display bug (or maybe a translation issue?), both the Meusser and Älgestudsare display as botl-action for me.

Remove the ammo in weapon system

Huh. Just logged to check and you’re right. This must be a very recent change then, me and a friend played just after the June update and saw it as Semi-auto. Typical ninja-fix then :slight_smile:


Actually, I just had the Älgstudsare show up as semi-auto for a moment while I was reloading, so it looks like there probably is still a bug, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.