Show Scope Qualtiy

The scopes used to have quality (Crowns) noted on them now they are all unlisted from broken:1 Crown to new:5 Crown there is no way to tell the difference unless you look very closely or equip, please and thank you!

P.S. Since we are already on the topic of optics may be an experimental one at some point? =D


It´s a bug that appeared with the new update -.- .
Generation Zero is one of the most interesting games i have played, but with every update…bugs appear…:stuck_out_tongue:
They will fix it soon.(i hope)

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I literally just noticed this, now I’m collecting lots of scopes instead of recycling them. Might be an idea to add this in the bug reports forum.

It’s a known issue, it’s being worked on.

I sure would love experimental attachments :slight_smile: