Skins for weapons/ missing skins

As someone who has an excessive want to collect stuff, seeing how much is left is a big thing, and one thing that you cant tell how any are left of, is skins for the various weapons, perhaps when you enter the attachments menu and select skins, itll have a square silhouette of where itll show the skin when unlocked, and for skins you dont have, itll give a small hint as where to get them. On the topic of skins, i had a green military camo skin for the Kpist and i believe the AG 4, the skin for the Kpist is gone and the AG 4’s doesnt change the weapons look.
With best regards, -Wolf

The AG4 does indeed shows at first an empty skins-frame, but I can get it equipped. It is finicky though.

I have listed all weapon skins, so at least people can find what weapon have what skins. But it would be nice to be able to see this ingame.

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i did not have a dlc, idk how i got them, but now they are gone, maybe it was a glitch, and they pathced it and since i didnt have the dlc, i lost them, either way, thanks for the list if i get the dlc some day

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the miami vice SMG skin was a accident, it was suppose to be the poka dot one