Skogshult farm: mission 0/1 not found

Entered the house, straight to the kitchen.
Nothing there to be found.

What can be the cause of this?

This one?

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That letter in Skogshult is the mission starter. The mission objective sends you to Glattra farm. That’s north of Skogshult.

Look in the log / side missions at Hogging Supplies see if the letter is picked up. If there is no letter in Skogshult … :thinking: … it’s probably more of the same multiplayer bamboozling.


Sounds logical. Still struggling getting missions/side missions.
So it sometimes seems there’s nothing to do.
This combined with collectables/missions that can’t be found makes it a bit frustrating sometimes.
(just right now Mullvadsberget Ringfort - collectable)

The Ringfort has a love letter collectable (Part of the FNIX Rising DLC)
You have to have that.


It’s down into the cave part / tunnels in the back next to a sleeping spot.

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I’ve got the DLC. Called mr. Holmes to assist me - thanks!

The game’s afoot my dear Watson… :coffee:


:smile: noted! I’ll keep you posted.

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But nothing here to be found, unfortunately

You mean the Love-letter collectable wasn’t there? Have you checked the collectables tab to see if it isn’t already collected?

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That’s difficult: I’ve got 70% of them and can’t recall if I picked one up at that location.

and just found one at Överby Gard :smiley: and check: 80% now.
(safehouses on 99% - now I’m curious where that will be situated).

I made this topic with a list to assist finding the missing safehouse collectable.

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But that’s an extreme puzzle to find out

I never see this !!!

If you are missing one (or more) safehouse collectable(s), the list will help you find which safehouse that is. If you go to your safehouse collectables, and start counting from left to right, (top left = 1) until you reach the missing photo(s), you can then look up that number you got in the list. :bone:

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Ok, thx. But this is about the safehouses themselves. So not the collectables.

And Skogshult still isn’t clear to me :neutral_face:

It’s about the photos of the safehouses in main game plus those that aren’t safehouses if you don’t own the two story DLCs.

And these photos are collectables, too.

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Went to Glattra farm. Big question stays: why making a mission at a location that isn’t correct.
Found nothing at Glattra farm either b.t.w. So I left this location and it’s mission - and more of them.
Chronological it seems killing for the game, this sort of problems.

And In the face of Adversity still is undoable, so I rested my case - frustrated.
Missing a lot of things etc. of this game, but I’ll stick to just somewhat walking around or sometimes a multiplayer. There’s absolutely nót enough glue in this game to continue.

Again on this point - it’s the sixt on row, so how to continue? :smiley: