Sleep or wait option

Hello, i would like to see in the game the ability to wait or sleep, for example, in safe areas there are mattresses on the floor, it would be nice if you can go up to them and rewind time to morning or night, or in any other way. the main thing is that it would be possible to choose the time of day, I very often come across night. I want to play during the day as the surrounding landscape is very beautiful during the day.


Agreed. I’d also like this feature to regenerate player health.

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Strongly agree! One of the features I’ve been waiting for.

I would also encourage this idea. I’ve started a brand new playthrough of the game and playing during the night time (in game) isn’t something I like a whole lot. Of course it has its own uniqueness and I think everyone should experience it just because of how beautiful everything is in GZ, but I would utilize a feature such as this to sleep away the night in order to play during the day pretty often. Since GZ isn’t a very hardcore game, I don’t think a feature like this takes away any of the immersion. Maybe this feature could be disabled on the harder difficulty levels in order to please the players who enjoy the full experience.