Snow flakes have wrong temperature in thermal view


When it’s snowing and you’re looking through a scope with an activated thermal view attachment the snow flakes appear orange = hot.

Steps To Reproduce:
Let it snow.
Look through scope with thermal view activated.

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Just me

Ryzen 5 2600
GTX 1080


Oh wow, that’s got some terrible implications. Either it’s just a development oversight…

Or they’re ashes, from a kind of disaster. Like nuclear fallout.


…probably just an oversight, though :+1:


The funny thing is the snow flakes had the correct temperature some time ago. I can’t remember when it switched since I played a lot in the southern regions.

I roleplay my char like there is an volcanic eruption nearby :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed the same thing. For some reason in snowy areas, the snow shows up as being way hotter then it should. It actually makes it hard to see the machines sometimes.

It´s the same for rain, it shows as very warm.

Oh wow. And I was complaining some time ago about the density of the snow when lighting it with the flashlight cone. Gods, the June update sure did a number on things (can’t remember this being a problem before). I should probably reinstall the old version just to try that, but it’s such a hassle…