So... this game operating better yet?


Haven’t been on this forum in a month or so, haven’t played the game either in over a month. Just want to ask if they updated it at the end of June, and if it works better now? I either didn’t see my game update or never got it, cause mine hasn’t updated since the last one end of May. Are they still working on the game? Or is it still just unplayable as it was a month or two ago? Thanks.
EDIT: WOW, not sure but as far as I saw, people were requesting vehicles when I suggested adding bikes into the game and using the ones that are already laying around as props, maybe people requested this long before, but I never saw anything, and now there’s BIKES in the game! May have to try the game out again tonight.


Yes, the game was updated in the June update. You can see the exact details here, June Update Now Live! the game has had several general bug and balancing fixes, and overall the game has improved drastically and so yes, I would say that thew game is operating much more smoothly than it previously had been. Also, if you play on ps4, a hotfix was realeased a few days after the may update, fixing the glitch that caused constant crashing.


depends on what was causing the game to be unplayable for you?

My crashes have always been rare, only consistent way to crash was fireworks and that was fixed.
Toolboxes after a certain point are still empty but they are working on it, also they have the machines drop a better amount of ammo and even drop med-packs.
A lot of the missions that were stuck were fixed to not let new people get stuck, but when they added a fix to help people already stuck on those missions it caused some to lose all of our side missions, or it hid them as they say but no matter how many times you fast travel around or try to do any of the steps to complete the “hidden” mission, they will not unhide or complete. then you are stuck with icons on your map and screen that will not go away and can be seen from the other side of the map. you can still pick up other missions and play but the icons get distracting. if you start over you realize how high they cranked up the intensity on the starter area, it’s not so bad going back there with higher level weapons but starting out there with nothing is a pain in the butt. fortunately the new bike option makes it easier to try to get passed the machines at times without fighting until you are ready. but then you find some missions that you had already completed on your last failed attempt are no longer able to be started or completed in this save. you can’t interact with certain objects for some unknown reason. and when you start to feel comfortable with how the game is playing and are able to feel like you are making good progress again, all your side missions could go away again for some bizarre reason with no explanation forcing you to start over again.

but yeah it’s a little better


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I have played GZ for 45 hours, on PC, and the game has never crashed. I have never had problems with any bunkers or the main missions. A few side missions has had some completion trigger issues, but I’m not bothered by that.
The game can feel unfinished, but for me at least, it runs fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


136 hours and back at the start


This game is finishable, now. It’s been several weeks since I played, because I could not progress main missions. I took a chance today and the two missions that were stuck cleared for me, and I finished the game. I take back none of the harsh things I may have said, and the development team deserves every bit of criticism they received and may continue to receive. I disagree with some of the balance adjustments they made, with respect to how they affect the solo player. But it’s a fine game. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the storytelling. Had they more resources to expend at the outset, it would have been amazing to see more unique expressions of humanity in a crisis illustrated in the homes and other sites we visited, as you might encounter in Fallout or Bioshock. I hope these guys made some money so they can create something more polished.


Thanks mate, I’ll wait a few more months to play again then…