So, what about the trapdoor?

I havent seen any posts regarding it, but surely, quite a bunch of you must have spotted it?

What do you think?

Is it going to be an entrance to a new bunker? Why cant we open it?

What do you think is there?

Which trapdoor? The big ones in the ground? They’re like 4 of them, so personally i don’t thing it has anything with a new bunker to do.
If you mean the one out of wood in farmlands, i think it would lead to bunker 666 and/or the crater bunker, but i think we wont get access to it for a while!

No, not 4. There are more.

Here are some, if it’s the one you’re talking about: New added locations - #44 by Thagen

There are several doors within game and within bunkers that you can not open. My best guess is that they are there to allow expansion of the POIs in game world in the future date.

Yeah the trapdoor in the farmlands, at the safe house southwest of the crater.

I think its silly we cant open it (or blow open it) since it made of wood has has no apparent lock in it :smiley:

In older houses in Sweden it’s normal to have one. It’s a small storage space for food. I have potatoes in my 'källare`. They last there over the winter Without heating and stuff is cool during the short summer

Well as a swede I know what you’re talking about, but no källare or basement usually have an individual almost military staircase outside of their house!
Edit: Forgot to mention the bottom is not visible, would guess it’s 20+ meters straight down.

The same silliness as of why we can’t destroy any other wooden structures in the game? :thinking:

“Cellar” in English. Or when to be more specific, a root cellar (aka earth cellar): Root cellar - Wikipedia

We also have these around here and they are common in rural areas. My grandparents, living at the country side also have an earth cellar.

Back in the old days, there were no fridges/freezers. What there were, were earth cellars and pantries, to store food and the like for long-term.

Extra sillyness: The trapdoor is obvioiusly NOT just another doodad.