Soviet boat glitched door

Platform: PC

Description: on a soviet boat there is a glitched door

Steps To Reproduce: no steps just found it

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: The Key Master level 2

Players in your game: Loonatic level 70

Specifications: in the boat the boat at Klinthytta homestead

Although not a terrain hole, but it’s a hole:
Missing door in one of the Russian hovercraft:

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Moved @0L0’s post to the report, since it provides more screenshots of the issue.


Back of boat not there:

At these cords:

Can confirm this location, as it showed exactly the same when Solo on PC. No multiplayer hosting.

Moved to existing thread. Come on guys, if you had scrolled up a tiny bit you’d see I had linked it.

Also, this is not a terrain hole.