Soviet boss idea - 2.0

The Tsar
Faction - Soviets
Type - Arachnid
Class - Tsar Class

A massive mining drill/spider like soviet boss called the tsar which lives in a cave (like the Brood mother’s cave off of the game Grounded) and is awoken/summoned with a special soviet relay beacon. When summoned it would drill out of the ceiling into the cave and it would have 8 massive tentacle like legs which would ancho into the ground and a huge mining drill would come out from under it’s head. The colour theme would be a dark red/purple.

It would summon lynxes and maybe smaller versions of firebirds with flame throwers on them each with the dark red/purple colour theme. It can Slam into the ground, attempt to skewer you with it’s legs and would start to shoot you with a silenced minigun on top of its head when low health (like the wolfs).

Like the Reaper Tank, it could drop an Exclusive Experimental Melee weapon of its own which would be the bosses mining drill.

This is the Second time I have posted this because I needed to edit it and I didn’t know how. Also I can only draw Henry Stickmin so don’t bother asking me to draw ;D also i think the game needs a Soviet Boss

Why do you make two topics about the same thing?
What donyou expect by this?

@Zesiir IDEA - New Soviet Boss

I’d suggest to adjust your idea more for the possibilities GZ offers.
The games engine isn’t able to let machines drill out of the ground and back… Although I once also made a suggestion for a mole-machine and it would add another level to think off, we should stay realistic.

my old mole machine idea

To the background of the machine:
Why should a soviet boss machine be idling in a cave under östertörn waiting for a soviet relay beacon?!
Btw. “live” maybe is the wrong word for a machine. :wink:

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