Spawn rate of rare loot. Examples: Experimental earpiece, police uniform, dazzle, ect

I know the topic is present but this is in regards to the overall spawn rate of extremely rare loot. Does the game have a specific percentage for gear to spawn? I’ve found an experimental earpiece as well as the police uniform which I haven’t seen other players rolling with and I play Generation Zero religiously on multiplayer(easily met over 100+ players in multiplayer). Also I noticed some gear that’s supposed to be super rare spawn on different class enemies that naturally shouldn’t drop rare loot but have dropped.

My question is if there is a dead set loot spawn rate or mere luck for different loot. In game it doesn’t state common, uncommon, or rare so I just want to find pointers on what I’m looking for. The reason I ask is I have found easily over 20 “leather boots, black” all over my world while my brother hasn’t even found the boots yet. It’s like it’s rare in one world and super common in the other.

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Dilapidated, worn, good, exceptional, special and Experimental are the qualities, from bad to good, where Experimental have additional bonus.
Loot is RNG based (Random Number Generated) thus ‘pure luck’ based.
Clothing: a brown leather jacket (EXAMPLE) is just that, and picking up one or 20 makes not a difference: it’s an unlocked item.
Picking up 20 does not give you 20 units of said item, sir.

Is this enough, did you mean something else, or do you have another question? :slight_smile:

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I know all that especially only one counts not multiple stacked. I also know the level differentials of gear. What I meant to say is what is the spawn rate of apparels as of rarity. You answered the question though which is luck based in regards to finding apparel and so forth. In other words it’s not based on percentage, just luck. Thank you @Xogroroth for the assistance, highly appreciated.

PS: What gear and apparel are you using on your characters? Just curious.

Current save only a golden 59’er LMG with ammo, sir.
Previous Exp weapons with all golden attachments:
A4 (max scope, barrel extension, mag)
.50 (scope, mag) and sometimes
Klaucke (silencer, clip)

I think the droprate system is broken. Its not an mmo. Things shouldn’t have such a low dropchance.

As far as I know, we (the player base) currently have no information on whether different items have different likelyhood to spawn, be it in loot containers or as a reward after fighting certain enemies.

There are those observations times and times again, however. I myself am led to believe that the gold/special red dot sight is rather rare. I haven’t gotten even one, although I have gotten so many special shotgun attachments, I could throw enemies to death with them.

Otoh, rare events are kind of weird. They often follow the “poisson distribution” of events leading to people with zero car crashes in their lives, one car crash, or even 2 or more crashes (where insurance companies used to investigate for fraud or “bad” individual characteristics for a while until they understood that this is just what the probability distribution creates).

Statements can vary from “this does not exist, I have never seen one” over “it appears to be quite rare, I only came across one ever” to “well, I’ve gotten 2 (or 3) so far already; cannot be that rare”, all from the same distribution, depending on base rarity of the event and number of participations in the draw.

Note also the change in perspective: For some of the “quoted” statements the data collection already is over neglecting possible future finds, while for others it appears to still be going on. Maybe perspective is the most important factor here

At the end of the day I am not sure what applies for this game. And not sure we will get an answer on that from any dev.

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Gotcha, this was quite a tremendous help, thank you Peg. So you believe it to be perspective based if I understand you, correct? @pegnose

Well, currently we don’t know anything about the distribution of any drop events in the game.

But… if probabilities are equal, fixed and low it still might lead to all the impressions we have gathered here on the forum.

To put it in different terms, given these three prerequisites (equal, fixed, low P):

  • it is unlikely to find a golden red dot upon killing a FNIX tank (as is with every golden item)
  • on a meta level, with each killed FNIX tank it gets less likely not to find at least one golden red dot
  • on another meta level, across all possible golden attachments, it is not that unlikely that at least one golden attachment will not be found within a given amount of played hours

So what for me is the golden red dot might for others be the sniper silencer, the shotgun choke, or the revolver scope (I found lots of those).

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Fair enough, hopefully devs may shine a light on the subject later on and give us some information. Thanks again, appreciate it.

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It makes sense the way you explained it. I wonder if it’s world based like let’s say you have a greater chance of finding dazzle gear in another session rather than your own world. Unless it’s just randomized to reroll greater results based on the class of enemy in terms of rival level, class in general or perhaps even statistic related. Say you have a greater chance to find a golden dot sight on a Military Tank rather than FNIX tank rival. Just ideas. I think you’re certainly on the right page though Peg. You’ve been quite accurate in terms of theory and evidence when it comes to the game.

Experimental earpiece? I mean I’ve got the jacket, helmet and for legs, but earpiece never seen one

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Yeah I’ll show ya.

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I’ll show full set of Experimental as well. Helmet, earpiece, eyepiece, jacket, gloves, and pants.

Full police outfit, jacket and hat.

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Thanks for reply , also didn’t know about the gloves? Have you seen or looted any resistance gear , i got a really nice modern military helmet with ghillie cover, through the helmet was white which for camo type of helmet didn’t make sense, though still a nice piece an im hoping there is a top and pants to do a ghillie suit but the only other resistance gear i got is standard gear. Ps if you know if its just the ghillie helmet and that’s it please send a reply Thanks waylander

It’s a hockey helmet :stuck_out_tongue: And there’s no more ghillie / wookie gear.


Yes I have. Helmet, face bandana, jacket, and pants. I tweaked my character a bit though to suit the quota. I don’t believe they have resistance gloves or resistance boots. I’ll show you a photo.

This link will show you what all I have. I made a topic page for people who desire fashion in game. Hopefully it gives you an idea on what to look forward to on Generation Zero. View it at your discretion if you like.

There’s this little pencil icon under your post. You can use it to edit and add more info to your posts instead of laddering a fresh one.

Edit: Also, how are you getting your legs so short?

These are my 2 styles of ghillie. Man combat and Machine combat.

Woodland Ghillie:
-Ghillie helmet, green(Rivals)

  • Vråken pilot breathing gear with aviators(complete all missions in South Coulast Region)
    -Experimental earpiece(rivals)
    -Easter scarf, brown(DLC)
    -Experimental jacket, woodland camo(rivals)
    -Experimental Gloves, brown(rivals)
    -Experimental pants, woodland camo(rivals)
    -Leather boots, brown

FNIX set(Earned by killing machines)