Spawn rate of rare loot. Examples: Experimental earpiece, police uniform, dazzle, ect

Right so no ghillie suit just a hockey helmet with leafs on it?


So far, yes.    


That link isn’t working for me… page says I “don’t have access to that topic”.

Do the hockey helmet and police uniform drop from regular Tanks, or rivals, or both? I didn’t know these existed in the game, pretty cool find. Thanks.

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Try this link, see if it works better.


Hello, I really want the police outfit. How do I get it?

Himfjall, mainly Apoc Hunters

I’m pretty new to the game what is Himfjail and Apoc hunters?

Are they those mech lookin things?

Also, is Himfjail a location on the map?


Can you also send a pic of the aploc hunters?

I meant to say Apoc*

Apocalypse tier mechs:
You can’t miss them, they are light grey and radioactive yellow/green.
They are common on Himfjell , but can be encountered in the South Coast and further north as well. Pretty sure I have got police apparels on the mainland too.

I’m not 100% sure but as far as i can recall, all the Police set clothing that i have, i’ve gotten in the Östertön (name of the main island), rather than in Himfjäll. Himfjäll is the only place where to get the Resistance set of clothes though.

Well I just got introduced to the big map. I’m really excited to explore it!

I killed like 5 of those enormous mechs, they almost look like Star Wars walkers but they are enormous

Police apperal only drops from apoc class machines on the main island, not on himfjäll there they drop resistance apperal.

Actually, unless the latest June update changed it, the few police apparel I got from apocalypse Runners and Hunters were on Himjfall Island so…I think all APOC Runners and Hunters have a small probability to drop Police Apparel.

Are you sure about that? I’ve might be mistaken(long time since I’ve played) but I’m pretty sure it’s not in the loottable, only resistance clothing…?

My last three drops of police apparel was definitely on the main island (playing on april update)…but then again haven’t been on Himfjell in a while…probably drops both places.