Spawn rate of rare loot. Examples: Experimental earpiece, police uniform, dazzle, ect

Resistance gear is the one only available on Himfjall (I think) and until I saw your post I thought the Police Gear was also exclusive to Himfjall.
They are probably available everywhere as long it´s from an APOC machine, the thing is, the Police apparel is rarer than resistance gear, I don´t even have a complete Police Set, while I have everything from the Resistance Gear.

Police gear is only on the mainland, and can dropped by any APOC class machine that isn’t a tick.

Resistance gear is the same, but it only drops on Himfjäll and not the mainland.

I’m still hunting for police gear, but have given up trying to fight APOC enemies on the mainland. It usual crashes on Xbox when you didn’t APOC enemies just wasting ammo. Fingers crossed it’s fixed soon.

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Before the April update, I can guarantee all the Police gear i got was from runners On Himfjall island.
So either they changed the Spawn location limits or it´s always been that case.
I haven´t found any after, haven´t gone there ,the Mainland is Ok for surviving the OP machines, but on Himfjall getting swarmed by “elite” Apoc Hunters is not. (PS4 version).

Can you guys send a picture of the machine that drops the police outfit? I’m really dying to get it

Have you ever heard about google, internet?

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They did as of late. Rather than doing the undeniable thing and rejecting the possibility of “uncommon produces” and simply making them bring forth 100% of the time so I can kill stuff rather than simply going around spare stopping again and again, they picked to build the drop rate. Presently you just need to cultivate 80% as long yet it’s as yet 100% unfun.

I have killed like 15 tanks.

I think, over all the time, I killed about 15 to 20K of um…

Police gear is dropped by APOC class enemies only, it doesn’t have to be a tank and you’ll need to kill way more than 15 to even have a chance of getting some.

I’ve killed hundreds and only have a handful of Police gear. Also, they come in different colours. So, even if you get the jacket, hat, shirt, pants etc. there’s not guarantee you’ll get them in the same colour first time.

Good luck.

Is it possible to give outfits to people?


Apparel items aren’t transferable. Just like collection items (mix tapes, dala horses etc). They are more of an “unlocked item” than “physical item” that you can pick up, store and then drop whenever you like.

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