Speed up gun scope aim


Is it possible to turn the speed up on the scope of assault guns not the sniper as i like it slower at a long long range.I dont use scopes on the smaller guns for this reason too slow when moving scope to aim.PS4


i think you can do this as a skill , aim speed in combat tree.


Afraid not my friend that perk is for how fast that aimer is raised to your eye not scope movemeant and the sniper scope moves faster than any of the assaults.


If that perk isnt for that then it dosnt work wich would potentially be a bug


I’d be for that as well. When you look through a magnified scope (even the 1-4x at 1x), your aim speed is decreased. The ACOG doesn’t do this, but all magnified optics do, regardless of the gun they’re on. It’s ok when you’re using the higher power scopes. It makes sense to an extent as it makes aiming more accurate at long range, but if that’s the thing, it should be proportional to the magnification factor currently used, not the scope as a whole. And not when we’re using a 1x scope.

Personally, I wish it didn’t do that at all. I control my snipe speed with a key on my mouse to adjust my DPI. If I need extra precision at long ranges, then I do that. Most of the time I’d rather just have it at normal speed.

This is not the same as raising the scope. That can be “fixed” with the correct perk.


Theres no way of speeding up the scope movemeant aim on console at all without messing up the hip aim.Saying that the console controllers thumb aim can be smoothly controlled if the short to mid range scope aim was speeded up not sure how that would be for a mouse.This stops me personnally from using scopes on all guns except the sniper and hunting rifles cause like you said its perfectly matched to the gun.


Bumping this as it’s still an issue and behaves significantly differently from most FPS games on the market (there’s a reason competitive FPS players usually have a mouse button configured to toggle pointer speed/resolution).


Did anyone tried to change the “MouseAimSensitivity” value in settings.json?


The problem is that ups the mouse sensitivity for everything, at least when I tried it. If I bump it up enough so that aiming while scoped works well, I get vertigo from the camera movements when not scoped.


Hi peeps im still not using scopes on the smaller guns as its not as fun for fast incoming combat.Nothing works to speed it up just a little bit more on PS4.Maybe they will maybe they wont who knows.Thanks for reading.