Spiking the guns


Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: do the spike the guns mission, get to the objective “locate and disable all 3 artillery batteries” get to the doors in the shell storage room, open them up then crash your game and come back. you wont be able to open the doors or even open them after that despite the fact you have all the mission items and turn on the power… its been a while and the doors remain locked, i think this just needs a mission reset button or something because this is the only mission i havent finished in this area and its been 5 hours
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Host or Client: host

Players in your game: single player

Specifications: CPU- i7-8700k
GPU- 1080Ti
Ram - 16 GB something something


Im still having issues with hte doors remaing locked but im trying to glitch my way into them by using a robot hunter to knock me in ( i need lots of meds )


Here is a update, its been a whole 2 days and this mission wont work still ( im asumming its either becasuse the computer wont open the doors again or im missing something that i should already have) I wish i got some closure on this…


It’s a known bug with almost every bunker in the game. If you exit or crash out of the game after having turned on the power, all doors that were unlocked by the power reset to a locked state. There is no known work around. Just have to wait for a patch.


Im on ps4 and i cant get past the small red door to get into to artillery bunker. Game crashed when i was heading towards door and now wont open. Ive turned power on and “off” and fast traveled far away and then back and still no luck. The door simply wont unlock


I may be able to help. As I’ve completed the mission, the door should open up for me. That’s how I finished the quests before this last patch. Had a buddy just open the door in my game.

User name is PSN. Just send a message, I’ll head there now to double check if the door opens for me.


IF you’re on PS4 I can and will open the bugged door in your game. Just let me know. It’s a long quest, takes about a half hour or more.


I just discovered that I have the same problem as you guys; that computer controlled door to the artillery is locked again. Was doing the mission yesterday, got thru the very same door and quit the game some time after passing it. Took it up again this evening and had to face this…

I’d love your help @Led77vette, as I’m on PS4 but as of now I have no active PS Plus registration… I need that for your services to work, right?


Yes you do @jay.graw, feel free to send a friend request. Hopefully next update fixes most of the mission bugs. If you pick up plus we can definitely get that mission finished for you.


Somehow I managed to COMPLETE THE MISSION!! :smiley:

(I had neither hope not a plan, was just looking for loot at the fort)

I fast traveled to the safe house by the fort, walked up the stairs, past the closed tank hangar (the “normal” kind of tank) and up the hill. I came down the other side of the hill where I saw a red door (that I both spotted and walked up to before - only this time the light beside it was GREEN!).

Walked through it and came down to the tunnels which the computer locked door also leads to! So this was another way in! Well inside I could finish the mission!

Not sure why the door was unlocked this time though.

Encouraging everyone that experienced the bug to investigate this door :smiley:

Spiking the Guns - Door locked in Fort Torsberga

Thank you for your suggestion!!! Worked for me only after I realized needed to fast travel outside the border of the region in which case I chose the starter island. Made a post here.