Spoiler Bug (DLC Mission): Defend the hotel (Unable to complete "The Resistance")

First of all Thanks to beeing here in this forum.
I’m single player on PC

I faced the same issue with the Resistance at the hotel.
My experiences are the following
I first talked to Anita then i go to the main entrance and the first wave with four dogs appeared.
I defeated them. Then the next wave of four dogs appeared an i defeated them.
Then the third wave appears, dogs and a single hunter.
The fourth wave with two hunters and some dogs.
Then i moved to the side entrance at the Barroom. I defeated the first wave of four dogs
Then the second wave with some dogs and a single hunter that hides behind the corner between the side terrace and the back terrace.
I played this many times . In one time i steped out the back entrance and fightet the hunter from the behind and after i shoot the game crashes. My computer sends always a crash report it was happened very early this morning.
In one time i got the third wave at the side entrance and i defeated one of the flamethrowing hunters and the dogs then the second hunter spawned in once in the barroom. And in an other time he spawned in a room at the first floor over the Barroom. He was a flamethrower i think an FNIX hunter and as i defeated him I had to talk to Anita again. In the HUD the following message appears “New Mssion” The Resistance, Talk to Anita. The Mission restarts after the talk.

I played this four or five times and i stuck every time at the side entrance. I saw that the lifeline from the hotel in the HUD decreases when i die or when i don’t defeat the bots not fast enough. It appears to me like a countdown or it counts down when you die too many times. The heaps of defeated robots went bigger and bigger at this time. they don’t dissappear when i restart the mission.
The stream on youtube is from the 01.01.2020. In this video i saw that the lifeline from the hotel decreases too but the player did’nt die in the game. pherhaps there has something changed during the latest update.

What i saw at the side entrance. At the second wave the dogs where firing at the hotel wall

Finaly a summary:

1.) The first waves at the main entrance making no problems and the life bar from the hotel in the HUD
stays full.

2.) When the bots appear at the side entrance and you didn’t fight them, then the life bar at the
HUD decreases. I checked this during a mission. I waited what happens. The lifebar decreases
and the mission failed. I think there is a kind of countdown (dieing/ fast defeat or both)

3.) One of the flamethrowing hunters spawned in the barrom inside the hotel or in a room at the first
floor. I think the room is located over the barroom.

4.) When you die sometimes the lifebar of the hotel decreases. And when you defeat not fast enough
robots at the side entrance.

5.) Sometimes the game crashes occasional at this point.

Sorry for the long text that i wrote but i want to tell you my expiriences to fix this bug.

It is quite dicouraging when you fight down a army of robots and you have no success. This countback is really nasty.

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@ devs If i can help you with screenshots or savefiles let me please know and tell me how i can send this to you.

It is a really awsome game. It’s so atmosperic when you dive deep in it.

@devs i have send my savefiles with the link posted in the topic Alpine Unrest can’t finish Last Resort

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Hey @helldiver :wave:

Thanks for the extensive description and save file.

I will take a look at the save file you sent and see if I can reproduce the issue with it.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:

@SR_knivspark Hello and thanks for the fast answer. One point i have forgott to tell.

At the very first time i played the Mission Defend the Hotel the game crashes at the time i fired with the granatgevär outside the hotel at the flamethrowing bots after i fired the second grenade the game crashes this has happend in the early monday morning the 17th Feb 2020. My computer sends always an crash report perhaps you can find it on your server an find something in it

Hey @helldiver and anyone else watching this thread/issue :wave:

We have been unable to reproduce this issue using the save file you (Helldiver) have provided.

We are starting to suspect that this may be an issue of the game not clearly communicating when the hotel is destroyed and that the mission has to be restarted.

When the hotel takes enough damage (which can happen quite fast when a lot of machines are attacking the hotel) and the HP bar for the hotel reaches zero, the mission will fail and a pop up shows up in the upper left corner stating that “the hotel has been destroyed”. The pop up is only shown for about ~3 seconds, which is quite brief and easy to miss (We even missed it ourselves once or twice while testing this). After that the mission will then have to be restarted from the beginning.

Could it be that this is what is happening for you? That the hotel is actually destroyed and the mission having to be restarted because of it, just that it is not very clear when this occurs and that it is easily missed?

Worth mentioning is that the mission also fails (and has to be restarted) if you go too far away from the hotel (mission area).

I have no intention of being rude by saying this, I mean well and I hope you don’t take offense. It is actually quite easy to miss that notification telling you that the mission has failed.

IF you disagree and would like to prove us wrong and that the mission actually incorrectly restarts itself when it shouldn’t, you are very welcome to record a video of the issue happening (preferably recording the entire mission from start to finish) and link it in this thread.

Regarding crashes that are preventing you from completing the mission, that is of course not something that should happen. If that is constantly occurring and hindering you from completing the mission in the latest patch (February), please let us know!

Thank you for your time, and thanks for reporting! :pray:

Hallo knivspark, a lot of thanks for the answer. It is real depending how fast the Boots where killed. I Player the game 95% alone because I‘m playing at late night and in the very early mornig. The HUD with telling me that the Hotel is destroyed i have seen before the mission starts new and i have to talk Tour Anita. I think i have to try again using more mines and explosives. At my last tries i had defeated them one by one and only with the Automatgevär 4. For me it is the G3. In the last time i have cleanded up all of the Bunkers with my Iron broom (the AK89 machine gun with 7,62 rounds and magazine extension) A Hunter will became a swiss cheese when he encounters me. So i will gather some ammo. And then we have a nice Party at the Hotel.
Thanks for your help and your explanations. I will report when i have finished the Mission.


I’m not sure - I never saw the hotel bar drop below 30%, and the waves I encountered were nothing like the waves as they should have been. After an hour of trying I haven’t been back to try and do it again.

I don’t really believe in the mission! Why not 200 waves if Von Ulmar knows we’re there? Doesn’t make sense to me. It might have worked for me if it had been a “delay the attack to give everyone the time to get away”, which would make sense. For me this is a bolt-on. “Defend the base” and “waves” were requested by the shoot-'em-up and just got bolted on, but I don’t believe in it, so almost certainly shan’t bother to complete it. For me it has to be at least remotely believable, but if Von Ulmar knows we are there, then he would send every machine on all the islands to atttack. I wish the add-ons were properly allied to the story. But thanks for your work.

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Hello knivspark and hello bootie

I have thought over the explanations from knivspark and i come to the following conclusion.
First of all there is no bug in the game at this mission. It is the behave of the game as it is prgrammed.
This game is a programm which is consisted of several routines. And as i understand this, there is a counter in this misssion what counts down if the hotel gets some hits of the mechs. For example one bullet = 0,1% damage, one grenade from a hunter = 5% damage, one flame from a flamethrower = 10% damage.

The damage of the hotel is shown in the Lifebar of the HUD and it will decrease when you not destroy the robots fast enough so the have time to damage the hotel. Please the percentages that i wrote are only for example. If you die sometimes you lost time for destroying the robots and they can cause more damage to the hotel. As a single player you have much to do to defeat them. I think you must prevent that they can reach the hotel.

I think we must first kill the flamethrowers. I think i have to change my tactic and make a minefield in front of the hotel. In the gasfactory this has worked very fine. As i opened the green door i slamed down a mine and then i walked in the corner. The big tin bucked has make a step on the mine which has caused a big bang the one runner was sparkling like a Christmas tree and a short fireburst out of my corner has finished him.

So i think i will do so at the hotel, finish them up as fast as i can. I think all of the robots have a counter and dependebal from the ammo you shoot him he will explode. I observed that five rounds of the PVG 90 or 30 rounds with the G3 finished them. With the rusty one star KVM 59 (my iron broom) a hunter makes a nice dance before he explodes but he has eat 50 rounds of 7,62. I think there is a counter what counts the hits when you hit the weakpoints of the robot. @knivspark i had forgotten to tell you that before the mission restarts i have seen the message “Mission failed” and this happens when the lifebar of the hotel wents to zero.

So i think there is no bug in the game i have to work a little faster during this mission when i make it alone or i must ask some gunslingers :smile: to roll over them like a fire roller. OK lets go defend the hotel. Van Ulmer don’t worry, l (the devil) :japanese_goblin: will come to you soon . When i have finished the mission i will report.

Many thanks to the devs for their work and help. :blush:

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same Bug for me, mission is endless. i have tried everything but it is endless waves then a restart. no hotel defeats. just robots. sometimes it just sits there saying to defeat the wave but there are no robots to defeat. if i go out looking to far the mission restarts. so yes i would say it is bugged.

Edit, also some of the times the robots stay way out in the woods and do not get in range to engage, if you go after them you leave the mission zone and it starts over.

mission just needs a rework, get the robots up the the hotel and maybe have them come in a bit before they try to engage with you.

I have only been playing since start of lockdown and have been looking for fixes for the many issues that I now find, I have only just got to end game on expansion and have had to quit over and over in the resistance mission due to, weapons vanishing mid countdown on waves at hotel, hunters spawning inside buildings, so much lag it’s been impossible to play.
I hear all your comments on here and maybe I posted on the wrong area, sorry if so !
The game is a really great one , I really hope these issues will be fixed or a PS5 reboot would be awesome, still hoping on PS4, wish you all well and stay safe from UK.

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There are some possible solutions, happy to go though them if you want to give it a try

What are the solutions ty :grin::ok_hand:

Well, there’s a few steps you can take to try an generate a different outcome. I don’t know how, or why this works - but has seen me through many issues mentioned by you, along with other misc problems also solved this way.

Firstly, re sync your profile. It’s done by deleting the local save on the console, then re-downloading your profile. Do not delete the cloud save, or all will be lost. Console save only. Start the game, and your profile will re-download. Normally takes a few minutes, leave it well alone until done.

That done, load your main character to a Safe house with Plundra. Do not engage any enemies, if you don’t spawn near one, fast travel somewhere safe ( Studneddon Lighthouse for example ). Store your gear in the Plundra as it will be used by another character at Level 0.

Once your gear is in Plundra, quit out and create a new character - anything you want, and equip your weapons, ammo, med kits ( whatever you stored from your main )

Head to mission start with new character and give it a go. It is very choppy outside the hotel, especially the end waves. I basically went between the two buildings NE, and NW 100M from the main entrance. They tended to run down the main road, and stay there so easy pickings.

Let me know how you get on.

Good luck. Alias

Many thanks will try soon :+1::+1:

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Dunno if it helps the dev’s in any way (on the PS4 version) the mission resets for me with the message ‘A player has left the mission area’, when no one in my party has left the mission area.

Does this happen because when you die and respawn, you dont disappear, you just appear to be transported back to the respawn area (hotel basement) really quickly. you kinda temporarily go underground and through a bit of void between the location of death and the basement, is that void still classed as the mission area is it failing because of that?

I just completed the 4 waves said go back to the hotel when I did it said talk to Anita and the waves started again but now I used all my ammo, explosives, I must have tried the mission least 4 time and the same thing happens every time, this game is going into file bin 13, I watched recording where they taken tanks out a lot less ammo and time that it took me.
Or am I wrong and missing something.

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Mine’s broken just like yours, but nothing is dependent on it - it is the last mission. I’ve left it undone, and the poor sods crouching in their basement. Frankly, if they’re not going to come out and help me fight the beasties, then they can stay there.

Every now and then I rummage through their suitcases, and take their stuff, just to make the point…