(Spoilers) Finx Rising ending

The characters aren’t shallow, I understood it as ‘significant depth’ being significant to us. Game’s lore can prove that whoever is behind story writing, does their background checks for depth in topics. Write the most passionate and deeply engaging character ever, but if I’m not going to see it, I won’t be able to believe it.

We as the player weren’t really associated with him to make that impact personal, so the death was at face value. It’s already hard enough to make these characters interesting through imagining and writing them up to try and connect with your human self through a screen and fictional world you know you subject yourself to and know isn’t real. It’s damn impressive when that emotional impact is struck and the writer has the invisible power to impact indirectly.

Also, I thought the same of this when that happened the first time :smiley:

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I wasn’t implying that you said chars being shallow. It was addressed to the one who actually said so in this topic.

This is what i think most people see Calle as. They skip over the lore and doesn’t pay attention to the conversations chars have with them. And by the time we actually see those chars in action, many are disappointed by the lackluster impact they give to players.

Not everything must be forced into the players face, for them to acknowledge the events. Many aspects in GZ are subtle and if you don’t pay attention, you’ll easily skip over it. Even most of the main story is like so; environmental story telling, clues from mission items, radio chatter, actual events involving player - all that combined gives the full experience in GZ. However, if players are only focused on one aspect (actual events involving player), the result is expected to be: disappointing.


That’s… brutal. And maybe not the impression that the game wants to leave on the player. But that would be impressive, for sure.

Same here. But apparently FNIX Rising dlc was just the culmination of several things that happened even before d-day, as listed by @Aesyle, and I haven’t seen those details before.

This is new to me.

I realized this when he was injured at the gate of the cannon site. Pretty obvious.

Ok, knowing all this I agree that the character is not shallow as I thought. It did not change my opinion about his death.

True. I recognized Veronica as soon as I saw her and made the connection with the main mission, her disgust for FNIX having the same voice as her dead friend caught my attention. Maybe that’s why I miss her more than Calle.

Have you not seen the bullet ridden bloody corpses left in houses with smeared bloody hand prints on walls, etc… Have you not played this game?

I’m also taking it as how I understood it. >Significant depth< - to us.

I understand your point and it applies to some extent as well, but I didn’t skip over lore. i was hyper-focused on the twitter posts with those addresses meaning anything and researching what BBS boards are, how they would work in GZ… Like that proximity it could imply and which house exactly from a farm he would send out messages to be close to Ostervik and post messages. Still, I felt he lacked depth at the interactions kind. So if your point is about those calling it lacking because they weren’t tuned in to the twitter posts and didn’t pay attention to the story, whilst shooting up mean machines with mean guns for the fun, then my perspective was of myself perceiving it.

Means we have more than one group of people to look at and understand other than the ones that don’t pay attention to the story at all. There are ones that still paid full attention (as much as was given, excluding behavior that may be like mine - obsessive) and still felt their connection to the character was lacking. I think it stems from a good real life example IMO - Don’t form intimate relationships over the internet, they don’t work. A physical connection (as physical it gets in a game) is much more impactful to a lot of people. It also depends on your type of personalities. Extroverted kind will find physically connecting much more appealing and may be the group you’re looking at split between extrovert those who paid attention and those who didn’t.

Could even be introverted type mixed as well who didn’t pay attention with the connecting part over a virtual character being less achievable.

I take it you had enough with his interactions to take his death impactful. I can’t determine that well how you fit in, because you’re pretty analytical, but also easily disturbed by the certain video we had discussion over previously. As I understand now, you’re suggesting your interactions with the character still ended up being impactful and swayed your emotional response.

Don’t think of me as a cold being, though… I do find well-written virtual characters impactful… Cyberpunk’s recently been my obsession over the story and characters. I only suggest I wanted to know Calle better and that the loss wasn’t very impactful, because I didn’t even get to say much of goodbyes either. Not like I wouldn’t have been happier for him to come out alive and we continued reinforcing strength within the small survivor group. Would’ve loved a drink with the guy to open up a perspective of his.

Same here, but because I finally got to meet that girl that was reckless, brave and actually smart about the situation before the events going down, I was very conflicted when she just left. There is just so much opportunity I wanted as a silent character to say or show things that we as the character saw. We had significant knowledge about everything and there was so much to be discussed there.

The game’s rating is very… out there… They can’t show much gore, because it’ll need them to re-evaluate their age rating and it all comes down to parent’s perspectives of the game. Some see you shoot some machines and say… oh it’s not blood, so who cares if the machines scream for their own existence and bleed fuel, but are just as cruel as the humans by mercilessly murdering and smearing said blood everywhere.

Where the line had to be drawn is… Decapitation is a possible result of the explosion… And remaining alive through pain is emotionally impactful, but also very brutal, because that person portrayed there is suffering by remaining alive. The line is being thread here by not showing how the life of a human is taken, but masking that. This’ll be a controversy in a few years, when AI looks at GZ and sees what humans do to machines


The scene I imagined was a little more bloody.