(Spoilers) Finx Rising ending

What feelings do you have about Calle’s death. (I felt sad about this)

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It was a good death! Like a gladiator dying on the sands of the arena, or better yet, like a Viking dying with weapon in hand during battle. Calle now drinks mead from longhorns in the great halls of Valhalla! Glorious Death! We should all be so lucky!

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You should change the title to something like (spoiler) fnix rising ending. Then describe it’s about Calle in the description. Because if someone reads the title they get spoiled

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Changed title to avoid spoilers :broom:


I didn’t feel much. Appeared on screen for me the first time just about few hours ago, only heard his voice most of the time and in the end just kinda went and ended. Felt like there was a story part missing where I would’ve gotten to know Calle, where that loss at the end would’ve been impactful.

The thought I had was weird as the driving mission there was starting to excite me the first time and the death was ‘Wait, already?’… The impact I felt didn’t come as much from Calle as it did from the main DLC mission ending and Veronika just ‘Gotta go, bye’.


And yeah, I agree. We barely got to know the characters before they were whisked away from us again. In Calle’s case it’s hard to care for a character if they’re not given any significant depth, and killed off too soon.

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Come on people! It’s not about his possible nambie-pambie life, and how well you did or didn’t know him. It’s about how he died!


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Well yeah, just that it was about him making a sacrifice due to emotion. Even Veronika was getting emotional, but I just didn’t really feel there was an emotional impact of loss.

He lost Freddie that in the beginning he kinda tried referring you to, because he could rely on him. There’s emotional depth there, but we didn’t get to explore any of that. We just kinda luckily found the main place to go to, got the stuff to get there and went there.

If you mean the way he died as a spectacle, then yeah… There was a big boom and it was successful in it’s task.

I felt sad when it happened because first of all we had those TV screen teasers from Twitter that Calle wrote. So I was intrigued in the character from the get go.
Then when the dlc dropped Calle was an instant hit for me and was my fav character in the game. Still is my fav character. So when he died I was really sad bout it.

I liked Calle as the big conspiracy guy, kinda set him apart from the others. The death in it self was kinda cool, but there was no emotional weight for the player to care, as most of his dialogue was radio. In general I don’t think we got enough of Calle to justify the death.

Maybe that’s the lesson then. We didn’t get to know him to feel close, so we feel we should have been able to spend more time… Us getting robbed of him, how he got robbed of Freddie


That’s a valid point. I feel like the problem is that the character has no lines, only silent. While Calle was a cool character, the connection between him and the player doesn’t feel there. As there’s no way for us the player to form a connection with words.

Calle’s development was shallow, I didn’t feel robbed because I couldn’t get to know him better. Veronica leaves with just a goodbye and I expected a lot more from her.
There are so few npcs in the game I expected each one would be unique and impactful. But no, they just stand in silence at the hotel or inside the cave.
I’m currently doing FNIX Rising side missions and there is no comment, no “good work” or real impact from each mission. If there were no npcs in the game I wouldn’t even see a difference. So no, Calle’s death didn’t mean much to me.

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Yeah, it’s one thing I wanted to see in the beginning where they acknowledge you’re there and kinda react to you. Few voice lines that rotate as a basic first step. I’ll use the chance to plug one of my topics about bringing the NPCs further, since they’re already here and won’t be leaving so easily - This post

Well, at the first the dev’s team made the game.
And the game was empty, with a lot of bugs and with little form; and the players complained a lot about that.
And the dev’s team said, let there be monthly updates and npcs: and there was monthly updates and npcs. And everybody, looking the news, saw that its a good.

I’ve see your other topic and it’s a good one. Today we talked about the game because we care about it. I believe that this is not the final form to the npcs, they will evolve into more than what they are today and will be, in fact, important characters to us.

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:thinking: Perhaps instead of it coming over the radio, the player could open the door to the truck and see Calle covered in blood. Where his side of the conversation is in person (and only Veronica is over the radio). Then you let him go to finish the mission. Would give a little more personal feeling to the moment.

I think FNIX rising was just short on the main story line in general, so if we were to return to Calle every time to rethink the plan in person, it would’ve given that personal touch. Otherwise we really quickly breezed through every question we had about how we are going to attack FNIX. There were like moments of convenience when we needed to get explosives and find out where FNIX is located at with the data terminal. If after the snowplough you bring it back and attach it to the truck, you see calle working on his thing up by the truck and get some personal moments, it’d make it much more punchy in the gut for losing him.

It’s weird talking about losing someone not being significant, but I do feel like I’m a bit of a stranger to Calle, even though I got to know his personality before I met him (BBS boards)

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There is quite a lot of character building that went into Calle and out of the NPCs we get to see, he is one of the top 3 most well developed characters. The other two being Veronika Nilsson and Benny Malmqvist.

So, what do we know about Calle?

  • He has a farm in the Farmlands (Stora Dyrbo, “Colonists”) and he is an old farmer.
  • He doesn’t have any immediate family, except his beloved nephew Freddie (who Calle might have thought of as his own son).
  • He also doesn’t have many friends, only one: Bodil.
  • Calle and Bodil were best friends for many years, prepping for the “alien” invasion and conspiring together. (There could’ve been even romantic connection between the two.)
  • Before, during and after the d-day events, Calle posted several bulletin messages. Topic: The Calle discussion
  • During the Masskär resistance camp attack (“Where The Sun Sets”), Calle lost Freddie and was left as a single survivor.
  • It is unknown what happened with Bodil but when player reaches her house (“Never Trust Anyone”), she is nowhere to be seen. It is highly likely that Bodil was also killed by the machines.

With it, the stage has been set.

There are some additional conversations between Calle and Veronika, where Calle still remains skeptical of the machines being built by military and still thinks that these “tin cans” are aliens.

However, Calle doesn’t have anyone left to live for. And for the last ditch effort, he is willing to sacrifice himself, so, the other survivors can live. This is also the reason why Calle didn’t want no-one else to drive his truck. He knew very well that he won’t be coming back from this.

From “Piece by Piece”:

Calle: "Looks like Jenny, Kenneth and Leila have made themselves comfortable. Are you sure you don't mind that we're moving all our junk in there?"
Veronika: "No, not at all. It's really nice to have other people around. Makes the place feel... human."
Calle: "Freddie was always bringing in things to boost morale. We need things like that to remind us life's still worth living. Cause otherwise, what the hell are we fighting for?"

From “New Cycles”:

Veronika: "The path is clear. Get the bombs where they need to be and run!"
Calle: "We don't have time."
Veronika: "What, what are you saying, Calle?"
Calle: "Please. Let me do this. I have to. It's either this, or those damn tin cans win."
Calle: "I just want to see Freddie again. It was him I was fighting for this whole time."
Veronika: "No, Calle! There must be another way."
Calle: "Not for me. That blast got me good. I was never gonna make it out of here alive."
Veronika: "What... what will I tell the others then?"
Calle: "Tell them I said goodbye. It's been fun.

Considering all that above, i can’t say that character building for Calle is “shallow” or he didn’t have much depth about him. :thinking:


I think a lot of the reason people don’t feel much of a connection with him is because too many of the conversations were over the radio which doesn’t feel very personal. You could be sort-of listening to him talk on the radio while you’re doing other stuff like kill robots and zone-out on what he’s saying. Then just check your mission logs later for what to do, as you weren’t paying much attention while he talked. If you had to return to him to talk in person and stay there till he was done then I believe there would be more connection.
Plus I always thought talking on the radio about plans was kinda dumb considering FNIX is listening and joins in on some conversations.

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