The Calle discussion

anyone translate?

It’s a message about “strange radiowaves” (purple text) and how to design your own “protective” tinfoil hat :smile:

Where’d you find this?

please dont link to facebook…
your first pic worked allright, why not do the same with your second picture?

…as security and integrity is quite important to me, ive blocked and other facebook-related servers in my firewall… :slight_smile:

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Hello out there, Calle here.

What is happening?! Since my last post those damned radiowaves are back in Ostertorn. People are behaving strangely, like sheep. I am sure that they are trying to read our thoughts and control us! But they damned sure as hell won’t get me!

I have found a way to protect ourselves that I want to share, a protection for the brain that reflects their radiowaves. I call it Calles tinfoil hat.

I hope you take my advice seriously and you make use of the foil protection.

(1) For a protection that holds, use extra strong tinfoil (you can find it at Kundsam) as your base material.

(2) Take an approximately 1 metre long sheet as the base to your protection. Then wrap it around your head, alternatively around the head of a friend or a mannequin. As you wrap your head make sure the sheets edges reach all the way down to just above your eyebrows thus ensuring it covers your temples. Careful! Make sure you wrap the foil as tight as possible without breaking it.

(3) Form the rest of the sheet like a hat over your head with the help of your hands. Here you can be creative and create different looks depending on your preferences. You can, for example, make an antennae to make sure the radiation is really reflected away from you. When it is finished take off the protection and fold in the bottom couple of centimetres to make the base more sturdy. You now have a complete protection against their futile attempts to brainwash you.

The truth is out there


Agree I do not use Reddit or FaceBook because of privacy & security concerns!

:sweat::sleepy:you did it before me.

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I know but I like showing my swedish skills off. Been living here for 18 years, speak the language pretty fluently but I so rarely get to flex my skills.


Some GZ content is only released on the Facebook and while images can be linked directly, any source page link redirects to the Facebook. And that’s what @Crazyhawk505 2nd reply is, a source link for the image as per @Zesiir’s request.

If you two don’t want to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, it’s your choice. But for others, there is absolutely nothing we can do if the content is released exclusively on Facebook and source is presented/asked for.

Saw that image 2 days ago as well and was wondering what it said. Thanks for translation @Dascylus. :slight_smile:

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Hello out there, Calle here again

I hope you took the time to make a foil hat according to my earlier instructions, because now something is really going on. I suspect there is something dodgy going on out by the FOA, have aliens finally come to take over Östertörn and the world?

Why aren’t they telling us anything, we have a right to know what is going on! I must do something. I am thinking about writing to the newspapers to warn people. I know they won’t listen to me, nobody ever does, but I will try anyway.

The truth is out there

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I’m getting some ARG vibes from these last posts, it surely is a nice teaser!
Two things strike me with these posts
(1) what would be the point in time Calle writes these?
It most likely is before the machines take over, but it can’t be too long before either.

(2) They make me expect some updates to the large FOA 2 facility at Norrmyra, or?
Either way, it’s very exciting!

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In translating Calle I have got a sense of his personality. There were a couple of words/phrases in the last post that couldn’t be directly translated but it seems like his paranoia comes from a need to control those around him. That if you didn’t make a tinfoil hat as he told you to then you are a sheep who he couldn’t be around.

I have had conversations with conspiracy theorists in the past and that is exactly as they behave. If you question their theories or present evidence that contradicts them then you are a lesser person in the conspiracists eyes, a sheep, a fool, a tool for the state.

Although I kept my translation true to the original text (I haven’t altered the meaning of the original at all) some of my minor word choices were intended to reflect that.


@Crazyhawk505, would it be possible for you to change the name of the topic to “Calle discussion”… Or something snazzier than what my brain can come up with right now?

I feel like Calle could do with some discussion. I will be writing a new reply in the thread here as to why I think the given in the most recent dev letter is technically correct but loses in translation some of Calles possible attitude and intent that I read to be present in the swedish text.

But for now I am dog tired and gonna grab a couple of hours kip. But this crazy conspiracy nut is definitely my favourite flavour at the moment.

good idea @Dascylus have done it. :smile:

this is fun stuff im so happy im Swedish and old enuf to have used some BBS in my young years =)

greath for fealing for me. hope they put in eglish help text for you non sweds =)

translation please?

Sigh, I was right… Of course no one would listen.

Instead they called me a fool, a nutcase and that I should crawl back under my rock.

Can you imagine that?!
Here I am, trying to save them, but what do I get? Nothing!

It’s always been like that and I suppose it always will.

They’ve studied at their fancy universities while I’ve been living a different kind of life out here. A real life.

Should that really matter?

How can they go on and call me a hillbilly when I know so much more about life than they do?

Might as well leave them to their destiny.



thanks man hope the devs release more lore and story to this because it is very interesting (could he be alive ):wink:.

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This reminds me of the whole 5G conspiracy. I did some light research and found that Sweden was connected to the internet in 1984, mostly made available for university students. There were previous networks, but they were only local networks. Calle upon first glance seems like someone who is paranoid of the internet, which could lead to some interesting theories of how the internet ties in with the machines. This is only my speculation so don’t take anything too seriously.

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