State of the game atm

I have been looking through most of these posts to understand how long before ammo respawns, bugs etc.

I saw posts back in June for that, but no one stated what version of the game that was currently. Has anything changed, are the bugs still evident? Sorry, if this isn’t classified in the right area.

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After you open loot box, it takes 4 in-game hours before it’s contents respawn.

As far as bugs go, well, different people have different bugs but there are some universal bugs as well.
Furthe reading: [IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List


Thank you, the ammo respawn question was my biggest concern.

Do you have to leave the area, for the respawn counter to start? Reload the game, if you wanted to stay in the area?

I don’t think so. You just basically have to go AFK for 4 hours. But that’s not a bug. It’s a feature

It’s basically an incentive to keep on the move, explore other areas and so forth. The respawn counter also refreshes all loot so you won’t get the same stuff from the same box twice.

Regarding my list that @Aesyle linked, it keeps up to date with the most talked about issues the game currently has, and their status. If you saw a bug that was mentioned often before, but is not on the list now, there’s a good chance it’s been fixed :slight_smile:

I just bought the game. Played a few hours and have already ran short of health packs etc. Can hardly even clear the farm on the first island with all the robots, jumping through walls lol

You got a hunters rifle? With a scope? If so, try get into the main house and camp. A good way to get rid of machines if you play solo

I sometimes found it hard to fight against runners from within a regular house. At least if you stay on the bottom floor, i.e…


The ranged weapon you get from one of the very first missions in the starting area is a very good option. Every machine has weak points, and the one for the runners is very exposed. Good time to practice hitting that. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it can be a bit tedious if you’re out of flares… And before you know it, you have a town meeting :wink:

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And the jury will likely seek the death penalty…

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