Steam community Items are coming to Steam


So it only took them 4 years to get this?
Im shocked, i thought the game already had this (obviously i dont own it on PC)


That’s some pretty useless stuff.


Unless you want a medal you can always sell them for a few euro/dollars

Im always selling most of them at the Steam marketplace.

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The foil badge is the Resistance Logo in gold. Very nice.

Resistence badge

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Aesyle, posted this 2 years ago… :sunglasses:


Perhaps it’s something that’s been planned for a long time, but ended up in the backlog somehow.

It’s here now, anyway. More Steam integration is always good to have even if it’s not a major update.

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I react to this, is this topic since the other topic was 2 year old…

Simple answer: Display it.

However, people’s motivations for collecting virtual items in video games can vary widely, and it is hard to describe why people find pleasure in collecting stuff with no practical use. To me, the foil resistance badge is just nice to have. Like for instance, I get pleasure doing exploration and do a photo-hunt and collect all locations for Yellow rubber Ducks. There must be some psychological factors here, but I can’t tell you what they are. :crazy_face:

Also, it may not come as a surprise to you that the appeal of collecting items is not limited to video games alone. Collecting as a hobby has probably been around in various forms since the rise of man. The desire to collect and display items seems to be a fundamental human inclination, and in games Steam provides a platform for people to pursue this inclination with a virtual display.

I practically had the same discussion with @NJR87 about achievements once, who does not feel the need to actively collect achievements in games. :coffee:

Maybe you can tell us @Bootie, exactly why you do not have that attraction?
Have you never had it? Don’t you have any memorabilia, something that has no use other than to be displayed?

In retrospect, Aesyle, honey, great call ! You nailed it. Right up to the foil badge. God knows what you will do with it. What does one do with a foil badge? :thinking:

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