Steam Workshop Generation Zero

It would be extremely cool to have a steam workshop for Generation Zero. You could “extend” the maps, or maybe even re-map them. Or just make a new weapon as well as robots. It would change the gameplay a lot. Of course in a positive way.:grinning:
What is your opinion?


My opinion is that if you wish to discuss more ideas for new content you should head over to: [DLC Ideas] Dump Them Here!

I’m for it, although I think it would cause a lot of problems because it’s a multiplayer games.
In all likelihood, all you would be able to do would be texture swaps and gun reskins, which only would be visible to you and others who have the same mod installed.

Again go to the link provided above.

if we had private servers and characters where unable to use items found in the workshop made maps it would work but i don’t think it would be possible unfortunately