Storage boxes in safe houses

Yes, but you have to reach over the keyboard to get to the buttons you need to press. A controller is just more compacted and easier to handle was point. I’m sorry I didn’t make that transparent.

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There is key rebind, to overcome that issue.

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@Xogroroth You seem very forceful in the way you explain your opinions on various post’s , please take the time to consider that every one else has opinions that won’t be same as your view’s , cheer’s ( EDIT ) Reason pal ’ The XBOX user among many other’s have purchased a console to do the same job with out the hassle of all the problem’s that can exist on a pc , to be fair to yourself @Xogroroth i ’ Apologize to you ’ since i have clicked your icon and now i understand why you do your thing across the forum :+1: aye i do understand as i am sure u do . Cheer’s

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I honestly don’t like playin on pc. There’s only a couple games I can stand on it. This type of game I wouldn’t be able to stand playing on pc. :confused:


Me too.
Wish they got this done in the first place.

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Hello could you be needing a few pointer’s on technical setup of pc or maybe it’s just a bug ? , there are plenty of forum user’s on here that are from what i have seen have good knowledge on the PC version ,as well as the customer support team who will see your report , if you fill out a bug report in the bug section it will get noticed , and i will do my best to point you towards’ the correct feedback for your problem , here is more info READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report goodluck :+1:

Excuse me, I asked a question.
You gave answers, but these are, IMHO, a bit… weak…?
Easily refuted?

I did not mean to force anything.

Lord Gigglezz answer was more acceptable to me.
But I am autistic, things to me are different.

My apologies.


im obnoxious , but i still help people sometimes. <3 Xogroroth

Ave, frater Jakel!!! <3

Hail and farewell , you of somewhere poet :+1:

“As there are questions which have no answers, so there are answers to questions that were never asked. What was its balance? Both are essential. Everything that ever was is essential to make what is.” i hope you dont go mate , you are a valuable asset to our community and would be sorely missed. -kindly jakel

“Ave, frater” = hail, brother.
It is a greeting, not a goodbye. :wink:

now that loot is limited, we really need storage
i get a lot of ammo for guns i don’t have and low amounts for the ones i have on me. i wouldn’t mind this if i could stop off at a storage box and swap my weapons out and keep going.


I seriously hope this is along with the crafting and resource stations are in the next update. And their should be a storage locker in EVERY safe house, that you can access all your loot from anytime. It wouldn’t make sense to only put them in some safehouses, cause then you’d have to keep track of which safe house had them. That way you’d know any safe house has the storage box and then you can go to whichever one is convenient at the time.

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If I create another character, for any reason, clearly I would make her female. If all she has to do is carry around my ammunition, that may not be very #metoo, but it would be a useful function! :smile:

Well, me being a man, I make males, always.

But if you like to make a female one, why not?
I mean, many do… :slight_smile:

Well, it’s like a “Build Your Own Girlfriend…” And then she carries your lunch. Perfect…

Hey guys, let’s keep this discussion about the thread topic! :slight_smile: Not about things such as “building your own girlfriend” or sexist comments as “And then she carries your lunch”, that meaning may not be intended but it can be taken the wrong way and be offensive to other users on the forum.

Thanks for everyone participating in the topic of storage boxes as I do like the idea as well!

I truly think that storage is needed to add another element. If for some reason the Devs are not capable of getting it to work than why not follow the footsteps of a game that this one takes after (theHunter) and just add a backpack system to at least extend inventory space. They could also just increase the carry skill as well.
Anyone that says its not needed,sure you could play without storage but you are than forced into choices. You might like that but some do not and I for one like to have options and I might get bored of using a weapon and want to switch on the fly without having to drop anything. It is not about hoarding and more about options and resources…drops are random and for me most of the time when I loot stuff the containers are empty.

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Welcome to the community! :wink:

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