Storage Expansion is confirmed in latest Dev Letter

Finally! The old storage was designed for another time in the games history, every DLC pack I buy it overflows my plundra lol.
But it’s nice to see a feature people want that is actually necessary and not just something that people want just to want, like base building and guns that are out of the Games Timeline and setting.


Don´t know why but sometimes they don´t appear here on the forum, at least not immediately.
With no big updates during the summer i got a bit disappointed last week.
At least now we have something to look forward to.
As long as after the next weapons dlc they won´t bring 20 new weapons the new storage extension is pretty balanced.
Some will still want more but it will be enough for most of those that wanted more space, these are indeed great news!


There are vacation times during the July in Sweden + some national holiday as well. Due to that, GZ has never seen an update during July.

I don’t think so.

Sure, it takes more time to fill the extra 200 units of space (if values doesn’t change) but once that is filled as well, everyone who have asked for more space thus far (yourself included), will be back in the forums, singing the same plea again.


You really like to piss people off don´t you?
Actually i will be pretty much satisfied with the upcoming storage space limit.
Who are you to say what i will do or not?
Speak only for yourself and not for others!

And disappointment came from earlier letters implying no big updates are expected during summer, which means June, July and August.
No new islands on the horizon, something some people (I included) thought of, that a new actual Real DLC would be available during 2021, half of the year has passed, Xbox update is 2 months late so with so many parts of the map still waiting for a upgrade a new DLC will probably not arrive this year.

Feeling a bit of disappointment is normal, when GZ changed so little in 1 year and other games changed so much or had so much new content ( Dying light, No mans sky ,Zombie army 4, Doom Eternal, DBZ Kakarot many other games and most multiplayer games)

As always with you there exists the need for conflict when others share simple personal opinions or facts that for some reason upset you or that you think need to be fixed or corrected.


Well I mean as a former mod they saw many many many many many posts of similar magnitude, I’m mean seriously every. Single. Update. People are immediately the day of the update demanding more content even though the content they got barely even works.

Storage: more storage
Crafting: more stuff to craft and more Crafting materials
Experimentals: more experimentals
FNIX rising/April reveseral: even more hard-core AI
DLC we got: Even more DLC

For once I wish we could get an update that everyone was content with and wasn’t completely broken.


I agree with you, and just in case you did not understand, my response was for another user.
Some people will just never be satisfied, but those usually don´t stay long for a game, they usually move on.
Me personally I just want the game to be fixed, and after that one of those big islands opened…that is, if they don´t break the game and if it is still a long term plan of the Dev team.


Why so aggressive? I really dislike threads which turn into an ugly pile of attacks.


Yeah, me too. It doesn’t help anything, and it’s also against the Code of Conduct, so if you can’t follow that, I suggest taking a break and airing it out. If you can’t agree with someone, let it go instead of pushing a discussion.

That goes for both @Aesyle and @Mr_A1992.


I’m happy with more space. I won’t use a lot of the plundra storage (always nice to have though), but the extra crafting resource space is amazing, especially since there’s a ton more crafting resources now then there were originally.

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I’m removing @Mr_A1992 reply, simply because it deviates from the topic, but also because I feel it’s something that needs to be addressed in PM’s.

Also, cleaning up in the thread a bit.



I think more storage is a bit of a tragedy to be fully honest, I liked it when I would have to scavenge for everything I needed. The plundra was a good idea due to the rising amount of weapons and etc but I feel like those weapons need to stay stored in the same place rather than teleport with you to any safehouse. I’m happy for storage increase on one side but the other side is quite sad as the game is being pulled away from the original feeling of “do I have enough ammo?” To more “oh I’m out of ammo, let me restock at the plundra” I’m not objecting to the storage as I see it as necessary but it does take something with it.


Personally, I feel that increasing the carry limit / storage capacity just defers having to think about inventory management. More storage is just more stuff to rummage through to find what you want. Players will just hoard more stuff that they will barely use ‘just in case’.

(Yes, ok I admit I have Semla and a Holy Hand Grenade in mine, and I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to use it. Not that I can anyway but that’s a different story! Missing Item Model - Holy Hand Grenade )

The ability to have piles of ammo in the Plundra or being able to craft it at will hasn’t made the game better IMHO, it’s just made it easier. Which I guess is fine.

I think my preferred solution would be to split the guns into a separate storage / gun rack / weapon wall to allow those of us that like to collect the weapons to have a way to store / view them outside of the Plundra, there-by freeing up some space in the Plundra for those that want it.

Although, in all honesty, I’d far rather the devs prioritised fixing the sorting / inventory management over messing with the capacity. Previous attempts to “improve” the sortng just made it worse. Fingers crossed that gets addressed!


I was/am hoping they address the sorting issue too and it would have been nice if it was done before making the plundra bigger. But maybe the sorting can be corrected before the increase.


One thing that i haven’t understood within the upcoming Plundra/Recycling Station upgrade feature;

  • Is it universal, meaning when you upgrade both of them within your base, all other Plundras/Recycling Stations all over the map also get the magical capacity increase

  • Or is it localized, meaning that only the Plundra/Recycling Station in your base gets the increased capacity, while the rest on the map keep their original capacity?


Since the Plundra has the same inventory no matter which one you access, I would assume that they all get increased.
Otherwise, when you fill one Plundra up to 400, then access one that hasn’t been upgraded, that one would be overfilled.

Plundra can sustain overfilling. Had that happen when i bought U.S weapons DLC and it dumped all of it to my Plundra, overfilling it.

Given that only the Plundra/Recycling Station in the base are upgraded, while the rest stay the same, it can be where you can take stuff out from any other Plundra/Recycling Station but you can only put stuff in at your home base.
If the stuff you have in Plundra/Recycling Station is less than 200/250 units, all storage spots work as normal. But putting in more than 200/250, you need to travel your home base to put stuff in.

Another question just came to me regarding the upgrade-able Plundra/Recycling Station at player base.

Since all base modules have HP bar, machines can also destroy them. And players can also dismantle them, if needed.
Question is: If my upgraded Plundra/Recycling Station is destroyed or when i dismantle it, do i also loose the upgraded storage capacity? (Which actually can lead to overfilling.)

Logically, if i don’t have upgraded Plundra/Recycling Station, i also don’t have the extra space. And if i build and upgrade them again, i can have more storage space again.

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Honestly having it be individual wouldn’t suprise me at all, got to add enough Fluff to make it seem like content worth people’s time cough cough FNIX rising cough cough

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This, yes, is another possibility. Where vanilla Plundra/Recycling Stations are kept at 200/250 and mirror themselves, where the one at player base is dedicated storage, separate from the rest. And any content in them, can be accessed only from player base.

If so, destroying/dismantling the Plundra/Recycling Station at player base, does it = loosing all the stuff in them?

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I don’t see a destroyed/dismantled plundra causing you to lose the extra storage.