Stuck in offline mode - Trying to access multiplayer results in "You are in offline mode because you have no active internet connection."

I’ve had the game for a few days and have consistently had the message “You are in offline mode because you have no internet connection.”

I am connected to the internet and have no issues for multiplayer for steam and other games like call of the wild for example.

Ive seen a couple of others post this problem elsewhere on the internet but none with a response.

Any ideas?


That’s not really a solution

Same issue topics merged.

Also, anyone else who has issues getting out of the Offline Mode, despite having working internet connection, are welcome to post their issue here.


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Now, as for the unfortunate tone of the discussion going on here, please try to keep calm, and even if you are frustrated or angry, try your best to be polite and respectful when interacting with others. This goes for everyone in this forum.

If you want to know more about this, please see our Code Of Conduct that @Zesiir shared.

I hope you understand that we are here to help and that we do our best to do so, and I really hope we can help you get this issue sorted.

We are a small team of less than 30 people working on this game and we try to keep track of bugs that are mentioned online, and we actively take the time whenever we can to look around and respond when time allows, but being a small team it’s not an easy feat for us to respond and handle everything that is posted online on reddit, steam, twitter, facebook, youtube, other sites AND this forum. If you would have posted here in our official forum from the start I imagine response time would have been faster, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll always be able to respond as quickly as you’d like, but know that we are doing our best.

PS. Thanks again for providing the additional information and screenshot @TheRealTenman :pray: that helps us a lot!

I do not have a VPN unfortunately so I cannot test that. I have reset the router though. No luck unfortunately. I assume it has something to do with the fact I am on a community Wi-Fi, but we all know what assuming does.

Is there some form of important difference between Private and Public Wi-Fi that could be the cause of a security error on my end or an oversight of code trying to select the other?
I remember reading something about 2 people not being able to play from the same router at the same time but that may be completely unrelated and not helping at all…

Noted, thanks for the swift reply @TheRealTenman!

I see, then I must admit I’m getting somewhat suspicious to how our game handles different kinds of networks and network setups, with extra suspicion towards public “community” networks. I will raise this with our network coder and see what they think about this.

Also, I have recently discussed a multiplayer/networking issue with another user who’s on a college campus who’s unable to connect to and play with their friend. Unable to play multiplayer with friend - "Failure To Join - Host Is No Longer Present" error message shown

If possible, it would be really interesting to know if this issue does not occur IF you would be try and play on a different network. I understand this might not be an easy thing to do depending on your hardware, access to other networks etc, but it sure would sure be interesting for our investigation to know what results you would get on another network.

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I was thinking of getting a little USB modem for myself so I might just do that. Money though : C

No promises on that but if I do find a decent plan and I get the other internet connection I will pass on if it fixes it. Cheers for trying.

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Any news on the hunt for the bug?

Hey @TheRealTenman :wave:

Nothing new to report at this time, information is still being gathered.

Have you gotten the chance to try and play on a different network?

Unfortunately no I haven’t gotten another connection. I’m broke as hell.

LOL i hate copy/paste help as i read this i just facepalm
“So I did some searching and found a few old mentions of this on Steam”
Why should OLD mentions help on a newer game build?
The game was runnig perfect before last patch!
So the error YOU ARE OFFLINE is since the latest Patch!

It just happens one day you can play the other the game is broken.
…so are there any REAL Helpfull tips??
Like does anybody know is it on all Windows built 1709,1909 i have more problems with 2004 built than 1909 is the SteamWebhelper.exe bloatware needed?
As i use command -nobrowser to stop Webhelper starting up like 11 times
Could some Developer take a look into there game what they have changed to force this OFFLINE BUG please!!
Thanks in advance

Angry or not, please try to keep a respectable tone when speaking to the developers. QA is @SR_knivspark’s cup of tea, so if he’s on the case you can bet it’s being looked into.



As i allready asked is there a fix for:
You are in offline mode?

Its NOT my end here as i can play evrything else like:
Insurgency Sandstorm, Battlefield,Star Wars Sq. ,RaceRooom,War Thunder,World War 3 all my games.
I searched the internet this Forum also setup Windows new…nothing works.
If i join a friend who plays it works fine.
But find a lobby or host to join impossibel.


Don´t know if needed System build

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K @5 GHz | Cooling Corsair H115i Pro
  • Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING Z390
  • Hard Drive: Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD 500GB + 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200 Ripjaws
  • GPU: Zotac GTX 1070 AMP!
  • Screen: Acer Predator XB272 1920x1080@240Hz +G-Sync
  • Headset: Beyerdynamic 300MMX
  • Keyboard: Tte Sport Challenger Edge
  • Mouse: Logitech G502 Protheus Core @400-450DPI

In the latest patch notes it mentions you’ve fixed the “no internet connection” bug.

It is still there for me. Is this the same bug from

I would ask on the thread that I started/ got merged but Xezr locked it so I can’t ask there.

From the earlier topic, the latest advice for your issue was for you to try playing on different network. Have you done that?

Also, @SR_knivspark, care to join us here?

Hi @TheRealTenman :wave:

Sad to hear that you are still having this issue.

However, I am not seeing anything in the November patch notes about a fix for this? And looking in our internal bug tracking database the ticket for this issue is still open/in progress.

Sadly I do not have anything new to report on this issue at this time. We intend to investigate this further, however our network coder has been swamped lately and this particular ticket (although high priority) has yet to be looked by code as other issues occurring for the majority/many users has taken priority.

That does not mean we don’t consider this issue important, it’s just a matter of us having very limited resources and having to prioritize accordingly.

:point_up: IF you possibly could try this it would be very interesting for us to know what result you get (e.g. bring your console/PC to a friends place and try the internet connection there, or alternatively just trying other available internet connections around the area where you reside, wired or wireless)

I’ll add this new forum topic to the ticket so the coder can follow the discussion here when they find the time to look at it. If there’s any updates on this issue I’ll come back here and share it.

Thank you for your patience, and thanks for reporting! :pray:

Merged topics, and unlocked. Let’s keep it in one thread.


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Hello @TheRealTenman, @AngryGamer and others who might be affected by this issue :wave:

TLDR; At this time I’m afriad I have nothing new to report on this particular issue.

I understand your frustration that this hasn’t been sorted out yet, it’s been a long time since you first reported this and it’s unfortunate that you still aren’t able to play multiplayer.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, we are tracking this issue with a high priority ticket and know that we do intend to investigate and fix this. However, also try to understand that there are many reasons and factors as to why an issue isn’t fixed immediately or as soon as you’d want. Below I’ll list some things that might shed some light as to why this particular issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

  • Although Avalanche is a reasonably large studio there are many teams of various sizes in the studio working with different projects and budgets, and the team working specifically with GenZ is small and therefore our resources are very limited
  • Even if we’d like to fix all issues that are reported by our community we simply and realistically can not. With our limited time and resources we must choose and prioritize carefully and sometimes that means that even tissues that have a high priority to be fixed have to be pushed along until the next release (patch), or even the release after that.
  • It might seem unfair but often serious issues that are experienced by the majority/many players tend to take priority over issues that are experienced by a fewer number of players (But as mentioned earlier, we DO intend to fix this)
  • Lastly, this issue is a tricky one and quite challenging to deal with as there are fairly few reports of it and thus far we don’t know how to reproduce it ourselves and we are not sure why it occurs (but with more information, reports and investigation we can hopefully figure this out)

Thank you for your patience (you have waited a looong time), and sorry for the inconvenience :pray:

/best regards, Knivspark

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