Stuff we NEED plus is this it?


What we need is a drone for recon and an actual mini map that shows where enemies are that you have marked / reconed either with eyes, binocs or scopes.

How about when you down a machine - it glows till you looted it or marks it on map so you can find it - lots of times during a crazy fight shot one down and it fell amongst buildings whilst Im still being chased by others to then never find it again…

Also the death from above side mission was all of 3 mins… and completed…is there anything else or is that it for story in the update ?

Please can we have MORE… MUCH more story!
We need bigger map or open some up or allow modding to open up land etc.

Also can we have more creativity and items for base building

One, the tuned motorbike, is for free.
You find it in the first safehouse of farmlands if you come from archipelago.

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Thermal can show you the enemies .
Contrary to Ghost recon latest games, using a drone here would only endanger you or make the machines aware of your location…dont forget you can die with a few shots if you dont have the proper skils and clothing modifications.

PS: Those kind of things did also not exist in 1989, you could identify enemies inside an attack Heli or Fighter Jet, inside a Tank and inside a Warship, but not as a trooper, or at least a teenager trying to be one at Ostertorn :sweat_smile:

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The thermal is with binocs right but, I meant as a way for after marking - as in once marked keep them marked on a mini map at least…

Sure I forgot the timeline being the 80’s and no drones… Im sure they had something in military though since they have the soviet flying machine with camera on it and tech to spot you… so…

I would settle for a minimap that would show enemies you tagged with binocs - Maybe story could be after we shot down enough of those new flying machines full of tech we make our own home made drone… They had RC helicopters in 80s-90s those I KNOW existed for public…

The RC helicopters from GTA which you can kamikaze into the machines :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: .
Sure but the game would not be the same thing, having bikes already makes it a bit less “Gen Zero”.
Gives a bit more of realism in my opinion.
But hey…those mini maps and marked enemies sure are handy in other games, il give you that!

I meant in real life in the 80s they had RC controlled helicopters etc. I know as I wanted one but, they were too expensive so I ended up with an RC car… Anyway the tech was there and sure could be adpated even primitive to have a camera stapped to it and act like a basic drone… I mean they have bincos with diff vision so why not on a camera and again all saying this not immersive yet they now have big flying russian death machines with laser spotting tech… Im sure as said there could be a way to salvage enough parts and make some primitive drone helicopter… IMO…

However, as for the dirt bikes - it is what it is they were about for sure Im just glad to get a FREE one without needing to buy the dlc. sure it may not be the best but, at least its free and we go faster than the bike… Shame we cant have cars or a quad as those were definatly about and since is not post appocolyptic then they could be used.

Also be nice if we could have some different styles of houses in layouts etc. Its like we have a choice of 3 to populate the world…

Yeh we need tagging with binocs at least and a small minimap to show what is around us instead of losing way and having to go back to the main map and try remember - also takes a few seconds currently on xbox so its not even quick as such… Minimap would be nice in a corner to show roads and buildings around us along with NSEW rotating compas around it that rotates as we do and also as keep saying - show enemies we have marked live on mini map so as we can avoid.

Now I guess some will say this is not realistic of the 80s either for some form of gps minimap but, neither where the machines and their tech so we must assume if its an alternate timeline then we had tech to match or at least salvage from machines that have it… could be part of story to research parts in the hotel with characters and come up with some new devices to use in the field…

There are games that don’t need a minimap.
This one is such a game.

Tagging with the binoculars already is possible for a short amount of time. There is a skill for that.

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Hate to disagree but, a minimap would be very much welcomed and useful as aforementioned for reasons why and seemingly has support from other players of the game.

Well, everyone may have his own opinion.
In my opinion it would be too much information on the screen.

I want to look and search the environment for enemy activities, for structures, for missions or safehouses. I have several vision modules that can help under special circumstances plus directional markers and a compass.
If I’m not sure where I am or where I need to go, I look at the map.
I don’t want to “see” everything everytime on a small map on the edge of the screen.

For me it would be some kind of pollution.

I don’t even know if some kind of gps or “heartbeat” - sensor (just for machines) as useable item would be ok. For COTW it may work, but not for Generation Zero.

It’s not just that there would be too much information. It would destroy some more of the unique feeling of Generation Zero.

But that’s just my opinion.


Again YOUR opinion vs MY opinion.
Now many other games have them and many feel they are handy.
It could be something that you can toggle on and off in settings so the likes of yourself can switch it off or never switch it on.
For the rest of us it would be exactly that a MINI map… small in corner not taking up much room or pollution of the screen and not overwhelming info but, a simple mini map of the area showing the roads and compass etc. so you dont have to keep going back to the large map and remember which house you are at and was it left or right or oops im lost again in this town whilst being chased and instead of runnig around like headless chicken it may bring a little order to some chaos.
As said - roads and structures would appear and enemies that you have tagged.
You can still search for enemies along with structures as it will only reveal a short distance around you hence MINI map. Searching for safehouses or missions would not be affected - in that would be like it is normally within the current game.

The vision modules and the skill point dont mark the enemies for long and again Im meaning combine that with the mini map so once they are marked they show on the mini map of the area and also maybe for only say 30 seconds or a minute.

The whole point to save time in looking constantly at the map for where you are especially when being chased in combat - at least you can glance and see a small mini map of the near area to help with choosing where to run etc. rather than stop and waiting for map to pop up and work out and then come back and try and work out from the map you just saw to exactly where you are in relation to it and “oh you are dead”…

Again we are exporing options and we are all entitled to our oppinion - we are not making changes to the game - lol Calm down with how defensive you are - quite open to attacking someones opinion but, very defensive to exert your own.

I would say many people would like the option of a mini map especially on a toggle so its there if you want it and not for the likes of yourself. Many games use such and does not take anything away or overwhelm if you keep it simple.

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Better speak for yourself and don’t estimate what “many people would like” on the internet… :wink:

Oh and I guess I’m more in @Madchaser 's boat then, as I’d not like an omnipresent minimap in GZ. I think it’s way more immersive when you have to look up the map from time to time. At least for me it is. :man_shrugging: ymmv

A toggleable minimap… maybe… but imho there are more urgent construction yards to be dealed with first. But again ymmv


Yet another thing to slow down consoles.


We don’t even need a mini map. Like what use would it serve. The game already gives you pretty good ways to navigate with the compass and the map.


I fully understand the benefit of a mini map, but I don’t think it will fit in this game. One of the dangerous in GZ is the environment, you never know if someone is just behind you. If it was possible to enable/disable then players who want one can enable it.

You can’t just add everything optional.
For some things it’s ok, of course.
But some things change the whole game, the experience,…

Generation Zero don’t needs options like “enable/disable Call of Duty Mode”, “enable/disable Farcry Mode”, enable/disable Tarkov Mode" and what else.

Generation Zero has its own identity and that should be kept. I don’t say it can’t be improved a lot, but not everything you like from other games or need in other games work for GZ.

Just my 2cents


Unfortunately thermal only works for a limited time after they are killed, but it doesn’t seem to change temp based on if something was looted. I think what the original post was talking about was a function similar to what Fallout 76 added a little while back. Any enemy that you have killed will have a glow to their corpse until you’ve accessed the loot on the body. The devs of Fallout 76 also added a feature that allows you to loot all near by bodies to the one you are currently looting, which saves frustration when you’re unsure if you have gotten everything.

Look, you cant have everything, nothing is perfect.
The fact we can play in all platforms now with no major crashes is a BIG WIN.
We had moments in the last years where new updates destroyed the game and thousands of players went away forever!
Its realistic this way, you have to make mental notes to know which enemies have been looted or not.

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While you and I do typically agree on many things, this is one point I do have to disagree with you. A mini map would be a huge improvement, at least for those of us who are still playing on the OG xbox one systems. When we go to open our map, it takes a good 3-5 seconds to load up, which leaves us exposed and unable to respond to incoming fire. Having a mini map, even with a 10-20 meter range would be something that would help with everything from navigation to even potentially adding an upgrade to the currant danger indicator.

Am I saying it is a ‘we must have this now!’ kind of feature, no. Am I saying it would be a huge quality of life improvement, yes.

One flaw in currant FPS games is a lack of sensory data that you have when walking around a city, road or field irl. Using hearing alone, most people are able to sense someone or something near by, some games have systems that will reflect this in some fashion, though it is a feature that is very hard to find a way to convert it to an in game experience with currant technology.

Don’t get me wrong, for the most part I agree with you. It takes a lot of hours for the devs to put things together, because we both know this isn’t as simple as putting together an IKEA product. As far as no major crashes, on the OG xbox I can’t play on multiplayer for more than 30-45 minutes in a lobby due to a full game crash that sends me to the dashboard and the game shut down. I also don’t expect everything to be perfect, to my point of view, though this game has always been something special. While what I say may sound like a complaint, it’s really not. Even with the half a dozen crashes I’ll get in a play session, I still turn the game back on and get back to it. Not because I’m not a little frustrated, but because this game is FAR better than many others on the market. That being said, there is nothing wrong with making a request to the devs for a feature that you know has a 98% chance of being turned down.

I can understand your arguement to keep things the same, but we all have to deal with change in all aspects of our life, whether we like it or not. Plus, the chances of something like this happening are little to nil, so in your case I really wouldn’t worry much, lol

Agreed, there is nothing wrong with making a post, because you never know who else has had this feature on their mind, but not really found a way to flesh it out. Besides, we all know it takes time to build and add these features, and for all we know, something may already be in the works.

And while I agree that these two would be features I would enjoy, unless it’s already something that they’ve been working on for a while, these are features that would take a while to add. Plus, they would have to figure out a way to add it in to everything that is already existing, which could lead to a cascade of issues. Game design is really a fascinating bit of work, because so many things are linked, so what seems like a simple change can turn into something that literally one change can break dozens of other systems, and those break even more. Also please keep in mind that while Beast and Mad disagree with you, they are both pretty great people from what I’ve seen on the forums. So don’t let yourself get worked up, they’re not trolls, I promise.

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