[suggestion] consistent aiming

one of the things can frustrate me is how inconsistent mouse aiming is. if i have fast ads, high powered scopes and ironsights just flyes away, if i have low ads sensitivity, I have to move my mouse at insane distance to keep up with 4,8 powerd scopes or RedDot sight (somehow called AGOC lmao).
i think aiming should be consistent on every scope.
by consistant im not saying same mouse movement gives same rotation angle, that would be ridiculus. what im trying to say is when zoomed in, whatever magnification you have same mouse movement should correspond same visual distance.like 5cm mouse movement = 50pixel or 5cm on my screen.
like rainbow six siege.
if the devs struggle with technical difficulities maybe give a option to customize every scope sensitivity in game seperatly like battelfield games.
and also raw mouse input is very welcome, an option to disable auto aim is also neccesary.


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