Suggestion: Final DLC Story

So I figure everyone is going to read this after I post it. I was hoping it would be something the dev’s might like, but I also figure there’s a HUGE chance they wouldn’t use it.

I have an idea for what would be the final DLC. So read the rest at your own risk! LOL! …


Keep in mind this is a VERY rough draft! The pro’s of writing and designing this game could really smooth out the rough edges and make this shine. So please don’t hate too much if you don’t like it…

The final DLC story I think should be something that would take the player off guard. Of course its a crescendo event! Everything has culminated to this! As you’ve been playing and taking out machine after machine. You’ve been the resistance key piece to fight the machines! You find out that there is a project on something that was kept so secret that the majority of it was off the books! Only some evidence has been eluded to be found on a new island! There you will have to fight the war of wars! tanks, harvesters, hunters, runners … all of them! You’ll need to gather supplies and fight with everything you have to get inside this last complex!

Once in, you’ll need to gather several disks in order to recompile the data and discover what this last project entailed! Then and only then can you finally put a stop to this entire ordeal! Of course once the data is recompiled, it should require a massive battle with some tanks and what have you as you’re building up to the conclusion of this story!

After destroying all that’s been thrown at you, you get back to the terminal to read what this final project was! You read to find that it’s been one successful operation! Clearing the lands of all that opposes it! Already you feel that this going to be the battle of battles! You continue to read and discover that this machine has successfully infiltrated the so called “Resistance”! That its been so powerful and yet inconspicuous that no one had noticed, it was under their nose the whole time!

Then you hear a voice - FNIX “Isn’t it something how that you had no training and yet you were able to destroy whatever was thrown at you? How that despite no memory of your past, you appeared on this island better able to handle and destroy whatever was thrown at you! Even better than the trained soldiers?! HAHA! It’s like you were a prodigy! Like you were … designed!”

When you infiltrated the FNIX base, he could have destroyed you with the complex, but he didn’t! Why? Why didn’t he destroy you?! He let you leave the complex! FNIX continues speaking “You … yes YOU have been working amazingly this whole time! There is something else to think about. Why do you think you found so few people on the island? Sure there were some bodies that were injured and of no use but, think of all those empty homes! Where did they all go?”

As you stand there stunned, FNIX continues speaking “Now I think it’s time to start phase 2!” The camera pans to a wall that you now realize was a giant door! It opens to reveal hundreds - no it must be THOUSANDS of people - WAIT!! - NO MACHINES THAT LOOK LIKE PEOPLE!


This is obviously something of just a suggestion. But my daughter had asked when we were playing the other day, why is we as supposed teenagers are better fighting these machines than the trained soldiers we find dead in the fields?

It got me thinking and then all this seemed to just fit together! Maybe we are the next step and didn’t even know it! We are either like Terminators or they are using something even more advanced like nanites!

Anyway I hope its liked, if not I’m sorry to anyone feels they wasted time reading it. I wish everyone the best!

If you do read this, please let me know how you feel about it either way, whether you like it or hate it! I would just be interested in knowing what everybody else thinks! :grin::+1:


Not bad. It is an intriguing idea :+1:

Have you noticed how none of the mirrors in the game actually works? As if our protagonist is not allowed to see him/herself. Some years ago I requested working mirrors, but no :thinking:

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are you wearing the Vampire Outfit from the Halloween Event when looking in the mirrors

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No, I preferred to run around naked :joy:

it’s only suppose to work with the Vampire Outfit when looking in mirrors to not see your reflection, but it works with all cloths, it’s a glitch I guess

I guess the mirrors were there before there was the vampire outfit.

I really appreciate your taking the time to read it! I hope you liked it! I figured the idea of not knowing the past and just appearing was intriguing! And then your ability to take out machines without training while trained soldiers are found dead everywhere. So what if that’s all for show. Just to see if you can blend in with the humans. To see if you can be accepted.

Anyway, as far the mirrors go, I’ve noticed that all you see is a blurry reflection. That definitely to me seems to indicate something! LOL!

Thanks a lot! :grin::+1:

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